Top 10 Most Iconic Halo Multiplayer Maps, Ranked

Nelia writes: "The Halo series has a lot of fantastic multiplayer maps so we've put together a list of some of the most iconic and ranked them."

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Gaming4Life1981393d ago

Bloodgultch, hang em high, and chill out are my all time favorites and all from halo ce. I remember using aystem link with 4 xboxes, 4 tv's and 4 controllers.......GOOD COLLEGE TIMES.

rockwhynot393d ago

oh damn that's mighty awesome!

rockwhynot393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Oh hell yeah, now this is my kind of article. Terminal was really fun with the Wraith and Sword placement but I think Turf was better known. Chill out is definitely sublime map design, and hang 'em high is a great time. Ivory Tower rarely gets old especially in objective game types and my best halo play ever was probably on Valhalla when I neutralized a fleeing warthog next to the bubble shield by hurling a power drain at it mid-air having just been launched by the ocean-side base's primary man cannon. Honorable mentions include Halo 4's landfall, Reach's countdown, Halo 2's headlong and probably my personal favorite Halo 3's GHOST TOWN