Atari VCS And Ultra Join Forces

Atari is plugging ahead with their new system and have made inroads into their offerings for it as they have announced a partnership with Ultra, the blockchain-powered entertainment service.

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Garethvk37d ago

I wrote that in an Opinion Piece a few months back and had some Atari fans flame me. One would not let it go and was after me on Twitter as well as anyone who agreed and liked. He had a whopping 5 followers and all he did was praise Atari. Told me it would be more popular than both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. I said ok so what will I play on it. Oh lots of great games. Ok like what. Well it is like a PC so you can download. Ok but I already have a PC. Well this one looks nice.

Valkron137d ago

Probably someone from this scam of a company. Guess we will see what it is if it releases this year 🙄

darthv7237d ago

I grew up on Atari and there are still some fun games to play but I wouldnt go that far to say this will be more popular than PS5/SX.

Garethvk37d ago

I think he was an extreme Fanboy trying to vet them to notice he was sticking up for them.

Sgt_Slaughter37d ago

Literally everything about this newer "Atari" company is sketchy, shady, and weird.

Garethvk37d ago

They have Hotels and an Online Casino as well.

Knightofelemia37d ago

Still don't know what this Stadia 2.0 is suppose to do the price you have to pay just to play 2600 games was the last thing I read. Just seems a waste you're better off doing an av mod and play an actual 2600 or buy a 7200 they are both cheap enough.

TheColbertinator37d ago

Atari remaking ET as an exclusive

Garethvk37d ago

Go all out and do it in V.R. with the original graphics.

FourCoOpPOP237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The problem for me is that this console serves no purpose. Its a box with old atari games and no new games. I maybe would have bought this out of curiosity but now the Xbox Series X and PS5 has my money. I will not spare or take off another better gaming console off my hdmi port, to plug in this nothing of a console.
The price of this thing is between a Series S, Nintendo Switch, and a PS5 all digital. The VCS is completely DOA. This should have released last year or be delayed another year or two or ummm forever.