Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Discusses the Importance of the Japanese Market for Microsoft

During its Tokyo Game Show livestream, Microsoft started with a message from Xbox division head Phil Spencer.

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XiNatsuDragnel37d ago

Good luck Phil trying to do it.

RpgSama37d ago

Lol, he says the same thing every year, but they're just words.

TheScotsman37d ago

For sure and words that fall on deaf ears.
Japan is not a market xbox will ever dominate untill sony and nintendo stop making games console. And guess that isn't happening any time soon

xHeavYx37d ago

I honestly think that MS should focus their efforts somewhere else. Year after year the Xbox sells poorly in Japan. I know they're trying, but there is just no reason for them to try to enter in Japan territory.

darthv7237d ago

MS has a pretty long history with JP. I mean the MSX was a pretty important part of their gaming history but other than the og xbox they havent been able to really gain any footing there. And if they didnt try and have a presence there, it would be worse than it is. There is some honor in their perseverance and honor is very important to JP culture.

This time around though, they are hoping the JP gamers take an interest in xcloud. It is right up their ally in terms of gaming on the go and using their existing infrastructure. So... who knows. It may actually work this time, or at least be better than xbo.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

@RPG, laugh it up, with a name like that you just got put on Phil's buy list. Enjoy your new job at Microsoft

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Bathyj37d ago

Anyone in Australia want a series s? JBHIFI still has preorders up.

TheScotsman37d ago

No it's not, games has series S for pre order right now it's site that's 4.38pm on 24/06/2020 so no it's not sold out

TheLastRun37d ago

It was Out of Stock yesterday. Amazon just got some more in stock today. I wouldn't get it from game anyway with their £10 delivery fee on preorders. Scummy move.

East76lands37d ago

Series X sold out in UK, Series S is still widely available.

dlocsta37d ago

So how is it they were able to get pre-orders selling in June and the rest of the world had to wait until September?

TheScotsman37d ago

Yeah typo but was to late to edit time I noticed

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glenn197937d ago

They will buy Sega also🤔

blackblades37d ago

Buying Sega wouldnt help them in JP, it'll be a waste.

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The story is too old to be commented.