Bethesda Acquisition Spells Trouble for Amazon Alliance

The deal struck between Amazon and Bethesda back in 2019 to enhance the cloud gaming proposition of AWS could be at risk given ZaniMaxi’s acquisition by Microsoft. Outside of exclusives, the next generation will hinge on who has the most clout in the cloud. Allowing this deal to continue would be lining the pockets of Microsoft’s biggest competitor in this space, and undermining its own cloud gaming proposition. Watch this space.

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rlow137d ago

Not only Amazon but Stadia as well. I believe that MS will allow game on other consoles and PC but not other cloud streaming services. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

TheEnigma31337d ago

That's the only foothold MS can put their foot on. Nip it in the bud now.

Ju36d ago

That's why MS bought them. Not because of the studios: of course that's now exclusive MS XCloud tech.

Marquinho37d ago

Just more proof that Microsoft is aiming at Amazon and Google, not Sony. Playstation is on the way of course, but the corporate's target is to conquer the cloud, and it happens that now (fortunately for many) gaming is becoming a big part on that war.

1Victor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yeah expect Microsoft to put xcloud on PS6 or 7🤷🏿😂/S

danny81837d ago

Didnt MS help Sony a while go with the cloud they are using? People think they hate each other but they are just healthy competitors

Olly_S37d ago

Yep, and Nintendo use them too. But Amazon could offer the same, and would given the chance.

sinspirit37d ago

The help was just Sony having access to their server locations, which are vast, to be able to install their PSNow hardware in more locations to bring better worldwide support. Previously, it was Sony having to find many different providers, which meant taking longer to find parties to negotiate with, and having many more to deal with.

locomorales37d ago

Good for microsoft. Bad for games, game design and players.

Atom66637d ago

Yep. People scoffed at the "we don't think of Sony and Nintendo as our competitors" talk, but this is why Spencer said that.

The biggest cloud providers in the world are all vying to come out on top of this much bigger war ahead. We should be glad that gaming is big part of it.

So far, MS has the tech, relationships, and (especially now) content makers to really take a good lead here. Let's see if they can pull it off.

They'll still fight their battles with Sony in the short term, but this is the ultimate prize.

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Tacoboto37d ago

This article as written is unnecessarily complicated and unfocused. "You’ve probably heard of Amazon. Those not familiar before the current state of things, as sure as Bezos is bald I’d wager a lot of us are now intimately familiar with the leading experts in near instant purchase fulfillment." 2/3rds of the article could be removed if you focused on what the title says - Bethesda's Deal with AWS, and how it relates to Azure. Cutting to the chase:
- Bethesda's low-latency high-quality streaming Orion framework was built targeting AWS capabilities
- Microsoft operates Azure, a direct competitor to AWS
- 1 + 1 = 2, so Microsoft + Bethesda should = Azure, instead of AWS

As for actually responding to the article - I don't think anyone would expect Microsoft to continue investment into something that leverages another cloud provider. It's not like gaming software where, if available on PS platforms, they profit and benefit no matter what. Bethesda's research may help Azure. Maybe AWS Wavelength is nothing more than a buzzword and Azure already has some similar low-latency tech already brewing (because obviously Orion would hit AT&T 5G devices and not just Verizon 5G devices)

Olly_S37d ago

I’m sorry if I offended you. I love writing, and my style is verbose. I also like reading, occasionally, and at the authors discretion, in more than three word sentences. At least it seems we agree on the point I’m making, as longwinded as it might be. I hope your day improves.

Tacoboto37d ago

Um, ok? Nothing was wrong with my day. Criticism of your writing style doesn't mean I'm offended, it means as an author you're losing your audience with unneeded details.

Maybe tone down your condescension, because as you can tell I'm not a fan of three-word sentences either.