Black Ops Cold War Is Better Than Modern Warfare In Every Way That Counts, Change My Mind

Kieran of WellPlayed writes: "Many will claim that COD doesn’t change much from year to year, but there are some key design elements that work so well in Cold War, that they highlight just why Modern Warfare is such a dumpster fire. Let’s compare…"

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RaidenBlack1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Are you kidding me?
If someone likes the same'ol CoD formula and don't like change at all, I guess this attracts that crowd(author included)?
The movement is not that smooth, sprint is also dialed down, the weapon feels flimsy, gone are the weapon feel and recoil of MW, same blocky 3-lane design and Graphics' a bit stylized as compared to the authentic look of MW'19 (MW heavily used physically based rendering).
And the article compares with BO4 frequently (lol), so I guess that answers much of the questions then there where the author's views are coming from.
Don't undermine the innovations IW introduced. MW was a breath of fresh air.

seanpitt231389d ago

The TTK is better than modern warfare but everything else is sub par mediocrely done on Cold War which is a shame but you can tell modern warfare had an extra year dev time with no Covid.. it’s way more refined And the guns was very detailed the animations and physics all top notch. Cold War looks and feels like 2013 game not a next gen 2020 game

Tear1111388d ago

No TTK in MW better and more realistic

MW had problem imin TTK when it realised, but after few months the game has been fixed

purple1011389d ago

It's much better than black ops 4. Not as good as modernwarfare.

gamepadneo1388d ago

Why should i change your mind? if you like it more than Modern Warfare.. good for you!

Gamist2dot01388d ago

Based on what I've seen and heard the sound and graphics aren't that great compared to MW2019. In one of the multiplayer videos the M4/16 looks like a toy, wtf?

SierraGuy1388d ago

It's never been about the sound and graphics for me....just get the map designs fun again.

MW is bland AF...also increase the text size in the menus....I have a 65" 4K tv and can't make out some text in the menus for crying out loud.

1388d ago