PcAdvisor: HP HDX18 review


"Speaking of software, we need to give a quick nod to the applications. They are slickly produced and suited perfectly for the hardware. You can tell that HP really thought about a nice multimedia interface with its MediaSmart software's sweet GUI interface and how the notebook's shortcut keys tie together. Here's the problem, though: MediaSmart is technically bloatware - approximately 350MB that do the exact same job as what Windows' Media Center software already does. Okay, it's a minor peeve considering that the HP HDX18's 5400rpm, 640GB hard drive (technically 2x 320GB) is relatively clean from most other useless apps, so we'll give HP that.

A terrific mediacentric desktop-replacement laptop, our only quibbles with the HP HDX18 revolve around its shiny screen, battery life and less than perfect audio. But these are minor issues, and the HP HDX18 is a hit where it counts - although at £1,199 inc VAT, it will hit you in the wallet, too."

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