Xbox Series S Gets a Japanese Price Drop

Xbox Series S hasn’t gone up for pre-order yet in Japan, but Microsoft have already dropped the price.

The price has gone from 32,980 yen ($315) to 29,980 yen ($285).

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UltraNova31d ago

Wow that's a pretty substantial discount. Is this some kind of a record - first ever console to be discounted while in pre-orders?

FallenAngel198431d ago

“first ever console to be discounted while in pre-orders?”

No, the PS3 received a price cut in Japan 2 months before it launched as well

RazzerRedux31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Interesting. Looked this up and like XS, the lower end 20GB PS3 received the price drop prior to launch.

"The price cut affects the basic 20-gigabytePlayStation 3 model. Sony is leaving the pricing of the 60-gigabyte up to Japanese retailers."

PS3 overall did not have a spectacular launch in Japan as PS2 was still incredibly popular and outsold PS3 for some time after launch. Xbox....well....we all already know how this is going to turn out.

roadkillers31d ago

^ 20GB model lol. Nowadays this wouldnt work to play one game digital or not .

Kerppamaister31d ago

Didn't it launch later in Japan than almost everywhere else? Or was it PS4?

Marquinho31d ago

I'm a bit curious to see how xCloud will perform in Japan. I know Xbox has failed miserably over there... but mobile gaming with the top notch wireless technology in Japan. Uhmmm... Maybe Microsoft has a shot there.

FallenAngel198431d ago

Those empty lines during Xbox One’s launch in Japan must still be haunting Microsoft

Hopefully this year at least 4 people show up this time

anast31d ago

It's not a quality system, it should be even less.

DaveZero31d ago

Are you daft, about it's not a quality system.

anast31d ago

I am talking about the series s.

Sirk7x31d ago

Controllers are expensive too. Xbox controllers are about $60 normally. So, you can say the price of the hardware itself is $240. Build me any type of PC for $240 that has a SSD, 1440p support and ray-tracing hardware baked in please. You literally cannot find that type of quality for cheaper anywhere.

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DazaMc31d ago

Them must be shipping in tens of consoles around the country.

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