Guitar Hero II Updated Impressions (Xbox 360)

Ever since getting word that Guitar Hero II would be making the jump to the Xbox 360, teamxbox been pretty excited to get their hands on the game for a longer jam-and, judging by your comments, you are also. While you'll have to wait a bit longer to rock your 'box, RedOctane sent along a not-quite-final copy of the game and one of its X-Plorer guitar controllers, then told teamxbox to take some time shredding it up.

The good boys at TXB always do what they're told, so shred they did. You want to know what they think, right? Okay, here are some notes for you…

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Zinswin4905d ago

And it has an Iron Maiden tune. Nice.

cannonsimp244905d ago

it really makes me mad that 280 gamerscore points are multi-player and since there is no online that forces you to buy an extra guitar for $60. I would have no problem with these achievements if you we able to play online, but this is just a cheap and shameless way to get 60 extra dollars outta your pocket.

Mikey_Gee4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

BUT ... no online multiplayer really takes some of the shine away from it.

- Not wireless ( can live with that)
- No online multiplayer

Two Strikes .....

Boink4905d ago

can't wait till it comes.

my wifes gonna hate me for the amount of $$$ I will be spending on games this year...

PS360PCROCKS4905d ago

I have this on the PS2 now I dont think I will buy it again for my 360, even if it does have downloadable tracks, I mean damn this game was $80 on the PS2 was the wired controller and game package, it's going to be like $100 or whatever on the 360 that's crazy for a game if you ask me.