A Look Back At Sony's Long, Complicated History with Backward Compatibility

The PlayStation 5 may be filled with cutting-edge tech, but as gaming advances, is there a place for older classic games that haven't yet been remade or remastered? Join us in this look back at Sony's complicated history with backward compatibility.

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sampsonon438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

OMG! Can we stop with the old games being this "important" feature. Hardly anyone cares about it. If they did Xbox would be #1. Jesus, talk about making something out of nothing.
The reason it's been complicated is because they are more focused on Innovating, not looking back at f ing old games.

ApocalypseShadow438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

What I'm laughing about is the narrative that it's long and complicated.

PS2- BC with PS1
PS3- BC with PS1 and PS2 for awhil. Then just PS1
PS4- no BC
PS5- BC with PS4

It's like, "what's so complicated?"

AnnaDea437d ago

The systems that had software emulation compared to hardware.

That was mostly a thing with PS3, and to some extension PS2.

sampsonon437d ago

If you like old games just keep the console it was made for. See? Problem solved.
I respect MS turning tail and running away from making top quality AAA big budget games. No one bought those games when they made them the first few yrs of the xbox one. That's on xbox gamers.
So they decided to make volume the main priority and created GP. Their idea for the future of xbox is old games A-AA games, with a few AAA games every once in a while.
Sony didn't have that issue selling their AAA games. That's why they are still producing them at a high rate, because ps gamers support them so why change?

As a ps/pc gamer i will support Gamepass when i see a game i want to play. That might mean a couple month sub from me, which supports GP. But i know i need to buy a ps5 to play PS games.

Nothing more nothing less.

tombfan437d ago

EXACTLYYYYYYYYYY 1 console with no BC and the world is on fire...

Unknown_Gamer5794438d ago

If I had to choose, yeah, I prefer Sony's strategy because I buy new systems for new games. However, I'd love to be able to enjoy more of the classics than has been available on my current systems of choice. The difference is, it's more just something that would be nice with PlayStation, as it has us covered for current games. Xbox is probably going to keep struggling in that regard even with their Bethesda acquisition, so of course they're going to double down on past games to boost their system's library.

Gameseeker_Frampt437d ago

When your competitor is doing laps around you on a topic, you might want to at least think about it. Let's be clear, Sony's absolute refusal to even bring up the details about bc just makes them look stupid. If they don't want to do it, at least be honest and come out and say that you don't want to do it. Instead of mentioning it at all during the showcase, Jim Ryan had to finally admit the facts about PS1/PS2/PS3 bc when asked by Famitsu. We still have no idea how PS4 bc will work on PS5.

sampsonon437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Actually Mark Cerny said that 100 of the most popular ps4 games will be available at launch(BC) on the ps5. So i don't know what you mean by "Sony's absolute refusal to even bring up the details about bc just makes them look stupid." I mean at least start your argument with some truth. That was in March.

Gameseeker_Frampt437d ago


That event wasn't a press event but was a replacement for their GDC event. Since then, none of the press events have even mentioned the topic of backwards compatibility. Like you pointed out, the last time Sony publicly talked about bc was in March and now with less than 6 weeks to launch we still have almost no idea of how it will work. Will I be able to put my PS4 disc in and just start playing or will I have to download a digital copy of the game? Will my saved games transfer? How will multiplayer work - will there be cross-play with PS4 players or will PS5 players have their own mp?

ApocalypseShadow437d ago

Samson, I agree. I'm surprised your first comment got so many disagrees. It is tiring seeing all this push for BC that's more a courtesy feature than an important feature for new consoles.

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TheColbertinator438d ago

That 60gig PS3 was golden. Wish I had one

Unknown_Gamer5794438d ago

I have a 80G PS3 with B/C. I wish it didn't die on me, but I still technically have it. One day I'll get that repaired along with my PS2 that can't read discs. the sound of things it might be easier to get the PS2 repaired.

Knightofelemia438d ago


I wish you good luck on that hunt half of them are broken on Ebay and the ones that work are worth an arm and a leg to buy. And the 80 gig if you find one with out certain firmware you're in luck then.

Latex74438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

Love my 60gig still have it works like a charm

Petebloodyonion438d ago

The video is long but quite interesting into explaining how backward compatibility work via hardware and software emulation and the why Sony cut it on PS3.

As for Sampsonon comment about legacy games should I point out the numerous HD releases of games like FF7 or resident evil4?
Perhaps because ppl still find them fun today.

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