What Xbox Buying Bethesda Means for PlayStation

IGN's weekly PlayStation show discusses what Bethesda and Microsoft's new deal means for PS5, the Spider-Man Remastered upgrade situation, and the many lingering questions we have about Sony's next-gen system.

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ghostrider3237d ago

Hopefully it means no more alarming bugs and glitches.

pornflakes37d ago

And even if... U will still buy their games :)

anubusgold36d ago

Those bugs are fun i got houses in oblivion now full of armor and weapons and magic arrows and magic armor. If i open the door to one of those houses armor and weapons will pour out the front door it breaks the game and soo good lol.

BeOpenMinded36d ago

Oblivion was a hot mess but those glitches were fun sometimes. Other times not so much. Still love oblivion, i didnt leave my room for 2 weeks

neutralgamer199236d ago

Should me a better/newer engine for all bethesda games. Now the question regarding future games so far it's been said already announced games will come to all announced platforms and future games will be looked at on case by case basis

Personally speaking I know people are saying Microsoft's can still put the games on other platforms and put it on game pass where people only have to pay $15 a month compared to $70 full price but I think more games will remain exclusive or launch exclusively because it could help Ms promote/grow gamepass faster(but I hope many of the games remain on other platforms too that way Ms can make their money from their services and that $70 price tag)

anubusgold36d ago

I think they will be one year exclusives microsoft isnt sony they have let several of their games appear on Nintendo consoles. Hell xbox even offered to put xbox live on Nintendo because their online service has always been bad. Nintendo will be fine i think but sony with them always refusing crossplay and pulling a apple you are only allowed to pay through their store and cant take those credits elsewhere aka fortnight. IF sony buys a exclusive 3rd party game they really give Microsoft no choice but to retaliate.

neutralgamer199236d ago


Please check your history Sony has been allowing crosss play the longest out of all three console makers. Why do you think final fantasy XIV online never came to Xbox 360 it was because Microsoft refused to allow cross play. Crossplay only became a big issue when it was Microsoft were ready to do it and Sony saw no benefit in doing so

anubusgold36d ago

@neutralgamer1992 Xbox 360 already had FF 11 and it didnt do too well they didnt care i guess.

CaptainObvious87836d ago

"Should me a better/newer engine for all bethesda games."

But ms has their precious gamepass to worry about. Why would they waste time to build a new engine when they need to rush out a new ES/FO as soon as possible?

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Stanjara37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Xbox logo at the startup and that's it.
It will probably be 63.7 GB update.

J-DARKnes37d ago

Why does everyone acts like Bethesda is the only company that makes games? I get it, Microsoft made a good move but playstation, Nintendo and Microsoft themselves never only relied on Bethesda games... it doesn't change a thing for me, besides wolfenstein I could careless about Bethesda games.

darksky37d ago

Elder scrolls is one of the biggest Bethesda ip's. Would be sad if it's only on Xbox.

J-DARKnes37d ago

I think Microsoft would allow it to come out on as many platforms as possible like minecraft. Maybe new ips from Bethesda stay on xbox and PC but a long standing series like elder scrolls and fallout wouldn't make much sense.

Sunny1234537d ago

Bethesda already said no exclsuives on xbox.

RememberThe35737d ago

The sale is not complete and won't be for a few months. Whatever Bathesda says now won't matter when MS takes over. They're probably not lying but their also not the one who will be in charge. When the purchase goes through MS will be able to do whatever they want with Bathesda.

anubusgold36d ago

@Sunny12345 They can say that but who owns who look at how activision has destroyed blizzard all the heads will be forced to quit if they screw with Microsoft too much.

Sunny1234536d ago

Still doesn't make sense from a business perspective. 110mil ps4 sold, 1st year of ps5 i am guessing 15-20 mil. Ms has to make that 7.5 billion back some how. They can't do that with xbox exclsuives.

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cfir37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Means nothing to me really. The only game they've released (or are going to) that I'm thinking of buying at release is death loop. I've bought wolfenstein on the cheap and I might eventually get doom infinity when it's cheap. Other thank that I'm not interested. Depending on how the hardware sales go, I'm not sure they'll stop being multi platform. Putting their Games on game pass might convince some to buy xbox, but that's not making much money.

Guitardr8537d ago

I really see MS completely transitioning to a digital game service business within a generation or two Gamespass is a really well implemented and affordable program (I have it on the PC and Android) and I play new Xbox games on there. To me, this seems like a step towards expanding their reach and expertise to accommodate that possible vision.

NEXUS-637d ago

I can see that, if this series of consoles fail to compete - they might just push xcloud and gamepass onto as many platforms that will allow it.

But that's a BIG 'IF'.

cbuc112537d ago

Same here. I dont own any of their games actually.

Lexreborn236d ago

I honestly can’t think of anything that I would care about from Bethesda to follow to exclusiveness. Maybe if Evil Within 3 was but other then that. I could care less for the rest of their games. I take it back Doom was pretty good, not a system seller for me. But I beat both of the new ones already.

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Abnor_Mal37d ago

It means I will not be buying their games anymore, as I will not help to fund new exclusives for Xbox.

And no I will not just get an Xbox, unless those who would say such are willing to GoFundMe one. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, okay maybe it is.

I mean the last part was a joke, the first part I am dead ass serious like a heart attack.

StoneColdCrazy37d ago

That’s why I hope next game like elder scrolls will be exclusive to pc and Xbox to avoid idiots like you

Abnor_Mal37d ago

If they game would come to PS5 please explain to an idiot like me how you would have come into contact with me.

Someone thats stone cold crazy can't NOT be trusted to call someone else an idiot, that's just abnormal.

Jericho133737d ago

You won’t need to buy them, they’ll be on gamepass 😂

Abnor_Mal37d ago

I don't do the PC thing, it just seems that MS will be trying to leverage gamers to their system by buying up major third party dev teams. So if people want to play the games either buy their system or use their services. If the games remain third party the sales from PlayStation gamers will help fund other games that will become exclusive only to their ecosystem.

I've said this same thing before with The Other World game and devs Obsidian, waiting to see what develops with them going forward when most of their sales seemed to have come from PS4.

What I find most amusing is how people say Sony don't need to buy most theird party teams for whatever reason they come with, but they celebrate a similar sale by Microsoft. Sony doesn't need to buy From Software because their games sell well regardless but champion the sale of Bethesda whose games sell well on all platforms.

Say PlayStation gamers aren't the only people in the gaming community, that there's also Xbox and PC, but forget some of those same Bethesda games also go to Nintendo consoles.

For weeks moaned about Spider-Man being an exclusive character in Marvel Avengers, how he is a character that has been on every platform and it isn't fair that he is now only on PS consoles. Theses same people see nothing wrong with multiple series "potentially" being locked away from conolses that have had their games for generations. Now they have their eyes set on Sega and Ubisoft.

Rant over, tantrum levels decreasing. Returning to normal.

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