Xbox Series X Back Cover Is Dedicated To Halo Infinite Despite The Delay

Microsoft was planning to make Halo Infinite their big launch game for the Xbox Series X. The unfortunate delay left little time for an alternative.

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waverider38d ago

Now this is funny. They really Thought the game was coming at launch.

Kaedro36d ago

Gotta change that tagline to "Power your Craig"

--Onilink--36d ago

Well I cant blame them, whoever works in this kind of thingcertainly has no idea whats going on with the development of the games and that department probably found out about the same time as everyone else

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SullysCigar36d ago

Exactly, to leave it like that is pretty misleading.

Not everyone reads gaming sites like this one, so some might purchase after seeing the new Halo game plastered all over the box!

UnholyLight36d ago

Sully, you can't be serious. So when I bought a launch PS4, it was misleading for Sony to have Infamous: Second Son on the back? Because that game wasn't available at launch, not for another 4 months. Does that mean Sony mislead me in thinking that I'd have that game day 1 at launch?

Games1st37d ago

Box art looks nice. Power delayed dreams.

Kaedro36d ago

Or "Power of delusions"

gamer780436d ago

well you can still play halo on series x as master chief on the ring with halo MCC. so at least there is that.

RonsonPL37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I think I had a console with a box mentioning games which were not available at launch. Or maybe even turned out to be cancelled altogether, but I'm not sure, it was decades ago.

Jericho133736d ago

My launch PS4 box had Watch Dogs on the back and that didn't come out until about 6 months after.

RaidenBlack36d ago

My PS2 box had few like those mentioned.

SuperRaccoon36d ago

Not an example of that, but I'm still waiting for Bioshock for the Vita.

NEXUS-636d ago

Is that pic from the PC version? Jk

If they can get halo anywhere near that - they'd be doing ok. The delay needs to be worth it and raytracing should be there day 1.

WireMucks36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I don't think raytracing is the main issue,.. The problem I see is that whole game looks like something from ps3/360 era,...or like the first cod ghosts on current gen. Don't know why exactly,.. but it just does not look remotely next gen,.. or current gen even. Think Halo 5 actually looks better.

NEXUS-636d ago

I agree - I was poking fun at the fact that ms was spouting off about Ray-Tracing and that their premier series was going to have it patched in after release.

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The story is too old to be commented.