Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC launch sales were nearly as large as The Witcher 3 (716,000 copies) | VGC

Guerrilla’s game was also up 50% on Death Stranding, according to research firm. The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn sold 716,000 copies digitally during its release month, representing a strong start for PlayStation’s platform debut.…

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Vits37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

On one hand. It's a surprising result giving that it was a overpriced joke of port. But on the other. It was a first party Playstation game, so people were very excited to see it on PC.

Hopefully that result will bring more games to the platform with a little more care given to the port process.

potatoseal37d ago

And it's was multiple years old. As I said another time, if they release a Bloodborne 2 on PS5, then months beforehand they should finally release Bloodborn 1 on PC. This kind of thing can really keep the PS5 attractive for it's main userbase, but also help the console and it's sales in the long run. PC players would want to play the sequel on PS5.

Vits37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Really doubt they would get much ground with that. As PC Gamers are likely the most patient people around. However that would make them some money on a platform where they have no base and that itself would be a win for Sony.

Unspoken36d ago

They wouldn't. PC gamers have so many options that maybe a handful would buy a PS5 machine just for a sequel. Include all the exclusives and then maybe.

tombfan37d ago

Just like the overpriced joke of port that is Mario 3D all-stars and that's at 60 dlls and sold millions... :V

Vits37d ago

Yeap. That one was even more of a joke if you ask me. Though the games were pretty good, the way they are straight up emulation and available for a limited time is just sad.

Petebloodyonion37d ago

Man... I'm surprised by the sales number... I was sure that, according to N4G, 150% of the Ps4 owners have a powerful gaming pc.

averagejoe2637d ago

You know you can play the game on PS4 and PC right?

That's what I did.

sampsonon37d ago

Already platinumed the game on the pro.Why would i play it again on pc? U must be a pc gamer only.

CaptainHenry91637d ago (Edited 37d ago )

That's actually more than any Xbox one exclusive That's been released on PC this generation 🤔

DEEHULK8837d ago

Time to move on buddy generation is almost over

Petebloodyonion37d ago

You know that Sea of Thieves got a million sales when it releases on Steam and hat's not counting the Windows Store user right?

CaptainHenry91636d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Source? I know for sure SOT didn't sell more copies than Witcher 3 on PC

Petebloodyonion36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


"Sea of Thieves‘ Steam sales appeared impressive at launch, as the game spent a substantial amount of time cemented in the platform’s top sellers list. Now we have a hard number: Sea of Thieves has sold one million copies on Steam, which has helped the game achieve its biggest monthly active player count so far."

And for the info that was roughly in a month since the game released on June this year and the articles where in July.

ssj2737d ago

Wow they just made around 30 millions on sales not bad for a 3 years old ip that wasn't supposed to sale much more.
If they can squeeze the game in Nintendo swich pro i can ee easily selling over 10 million copies on Nintendo zelda fanbase will die to play a game like this.

sampsonon37d ago

Switch pro will be as powerful as the 2013 xbox one. It would explode.

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