5 Tokyo Game Show 2020 Predictions You’ll Hope We’re Right About

Omar writes: The Tokyo Game Show 2020 is just around the corner and we have a quick list of a few predictions that we think would be incredible to see.

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Jeriphro38d ago

As cool as any of these would be, it doesn't seem realistic. Tokyo Game Show has rarely been the place for major announcements, but more of a place to check out more details of recently announced games. I have attended the show for 10 years, with the sad reality of not being able to physically attend this year, and I cannot remember the last time they announced something quite the level of what you are predicting.

Of course I would love any of these, but I don't any will happen.

JayRyu36d ago

A Metal Gear Remake sounds amazing!!
But a Remake without Kojima and the original cast is what has me skeptical.

Yi-Long36d ago

All they'd need to do is rebuild the game completely with new assets and effects (lighting, weather, animation, etc) in order to make it look and feel current/next gen, but other than that they can stick completely to what they have, in terms of camera-angles, story, etc.

Throw in optional Japanese voice-acting, and it would be a perfect update.

Greatball198736d ago

MGS remasters would be cool. MGS:TS, MGS2, and MGS3, along with the PSP games and I guess MGS4 even though that's where the series jumped the shark.

Chocoburger36d ago

Konami just released MGS 1 and MGS 2 on GOG with literally zero effort put into them. They were broken ports all the way back when, and they're broken today. Fan patches exist of course to do the work Konami won't do.

Yet, now there's rumors of a full remake? As if Konami would ever bother to put the money or effort into doing so. Unless of course they license it out to Sony to fund it themselves.

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