Analyst expects PS5 and Xbox Series to sell 1.5m each in North America this year

Baird Equity Research's Colin Sebastian says demand strong for next-gen consoles with PS5 selling at a slightly higher premium on auction sites.

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ziggurcat38d ago

Both sold a million in their first week this gen, so I can't imagine it'd be any different this time around consider there's been way more hype, I feel.

RpgSama37d ago

Both will sell as many units as they can produce, that's the real number, whatever they can produce, that's how much they will sell.

waverider38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Some forget that both sold very, very well in the first months. The question isnt the first 3 months...

NukeDaHippies37d ago

They need 1.5 mil units to sell first lol

Father__Merrin37d ago

They are going to move shed loads of units the demand is almost fever pitch

AnnaDea37d ago

PS5 is fully pre-booked everywhere.

Sony will sell all the unites they are available to ship.

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The story is too old to be commented.