The Existence Of Minecraft PSVR Should Reassure Bethesda Fans

Microsoft doesn't hate PlayStation nearly as much as gamers might think - and Minecraft PSVR is proof that this Bethesda deal may not be so bad.

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crazyCoconuts32d ago

so, er, why not release forza, halo, and gears on PS? it would make more money right?

FallenAngel198432d ago

Did any of those series start out as multiplat series? What’s your comparison here?

crazyCoconuts32d ago

Doesn't matter where they started if you think about it

FallenAngel198432d ago

Yes it does in regard to this article. Minecraft cultivated a large PlayStation audience before Microsoft acquired the property. Bethesda in turn also has a large PlayStation audience before the acquisition.

Just like Microsoft saw it beneficial to have Minecraft remain multiplatform, they may very well see the same remains for Bethesda. It’d especially go a long way into recouping the costs of the purchase

crazyCoconuts31d ago

It doesn't matter in business. IP is an asset. Say you owned a bar, and you have this awesome drink that you think people will really want. Doesn't matter if you invented the drink or bought the recipe from someone else, you got it now. Do you just sell that drink in your bar with hopes that you'll get more customers, they'll bring their friends and you'll sell other drinks to them as well, OR do you sell your drink to other bars and make more money that way? Same deal with games, pretty simple.

ApocalypseShadow32d ago

Of course they don't hate Sony. That's where a lot of the money is made. Microsoft don't hate money. They want more of it.

But there's something weird about one company publishing or running games on competitor's platforms. Like a Trojan Horse. About as weird as Sony holding onto the MLB license and it being released on Xbox. Or Microsoft publishing games on Switch.

Let's go ahead and make the gaming world even more upside down. Now that Ken Kutaragi is gone from Sony, maybe Sony and Nintendo should bring back their alliance from long ago and Nintendo publishes their games on PS5 in full glory. Keep profits 80/20 in favor of Nintendo and Nintendo owns their own IPs. That would shatter the internet and create a massive black hole. The internet wouldn't be able to stop talking about it before life ceased to exist.

whateverman32d ago

Nintendo should just multiplat. Keep the handheld business going, but put premium home versions on Playstation/Xbox etc.

Phantom6831d ago

I believe exiting franchises from Bethesda will continue being multiplatform but there will be games built specifically for Xbox which will match what Phil said about games will be on 'other consoles; on a case by case scenario.