Sony & Microsoft Have Two Drastically Different Approaches to Next-Gen Gaming

Sony and Microsoft are approaching next-gen gaming in very different ways. Here's how the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S compare.

sushimama982d ago

"New games, great games" is a damn good pitch for a video game console. From that angle, PlayStation has the upper hand.

ClayRules2012982d ago

I look forward to the “New/great games” that PlayStation will bring this generation.

lifeisgamesok982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

This. And next generation looks to be PlayStation's quickest start as far as quality games

Spider-man Miles Morales and Demon Souls alone is the best launch lineup

Not to mention Astro's Playroom and Sackboy

Chris12982d ago

So a remake and and some DLC are the best launch line-up. Standards and expectations are dropping.

lifeisgamesok982d ago

@Chris12 The best looking and one of the most requested remakes ever

Spider-man Miles Morales is a standalone game but you already knew that you just refuse to believe it because you're salty

purple101982d ago has new games. One has old games.

darthv72982d ago

correction, both have new and old games

lifeisgamesok982d ago

Games will always win over services, features, etc

Valkron1982d ago

What is worse is games like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War have 2 versions that say Xbox One/Series X, but only one will play the enhanced version and costs $10 more, the other is forever gimped on Series X and you can't even pay to upgrade it later. They are almost identical and list both generations.There is no need to even have Series X on it if you can never get the best Series X version from it. This needs to change!

NeoGamer232982d ago

That is Activision for you.

MS provides a facility called Smart Delivery and PS provides a facility called Upgrade Program. If a publisher chooses not to use it for one or all consoles that is their choice. Not the console vendor.

And just so you know it the same on PS as it is on XB.