The 2020 Game Awards To Stream From London, Tokyo, And L.A.

It will be interesting to see who the big winners are this year as the show will stream from three locales.

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sushimama29d ago

Nah, The Last Of Us 2 has already won.

Garethvk29d ago

I think that is fairly accurate.

Garethvk29d ago

I like the energy. I am not sure how game awards work but I can tell you some stories about how the movie awards work. It is all lavish parties, gifts to the voters, etc. The studio who spends the most usually wins. Warner Bros spent a reported 40 million on Mad Max: Fury Road. Best Hair and Makeup win, best costumes win. Dirt, leather, and loincloth. By contrast the Danish Girl which had amazing costumes and hair since they had to create an era of old was shut out. So marketing and politics plays a part.