Direct PS5 Pre-Order Shipments to Be in Waves, Second Wave Set for December Per Official Email

For those who managed to secure a PS5 pre-order directly from the PlayStation website via invitation, you may want to check your inboxes.

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Mcardle31d ago

I think we are going to see the effects of Covid on the Console launches this Winter. Will be interesting to see how many units they ship compared to the PS4 and see if its a case of more demand or fewer manufacturing/shipping capabilities just now. Demand seems just as high as everyone wanted a PS4 when it launched.

Nitrowolf231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

yep. Outside of standard rush, I can't see covid not effecting supplies. Its the same for both companies.

Crazy though, least its still launching. been a Insanely bad year, least this is a good that we can expect, even if we all can't get one

Marquinho31d ago

Uhm... Wonder if there's actually going to be consoles on shelves on November.

ziggurcat30d ago

Well, yes because I think only a certain % of units are allocated for pre-order.

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Father__Merrin31d ago

There's no doubt there is a covid issue with new console releases this is unfortunate but I'd hate it if vulnerable parents are forced to overspend via ebay for ps5 and xbox series sx

enkiduxiv31d ago

Isn't it great that you can get downvoted on this site for hoping that people don't get taken advantage of by scalpers. Really shows you what kind of urchins lurk around here.

medman30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I think it's more people downvoting the "forced" one is "forced" to buy an expensive game console from scalpers. In fact, people should very specifically NOT support this behavior, that is the only way it will change/end.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen31d ago

I was lucky enough to get a pre-order the first day from PlayStation Direct. It says that my order will arrive on launch day because I'm a PS Plus member. Been a PS Plus member since 2010. Lucky me I guess.

danny81830d ago

Not sure why but i feel the Xbox wont suffer this. The console was pretty much presented to everyone last December

conanlifts30d ago

I have ordered every console released at launch since the N64 and this was definitely the hardest preorder. Typically they would release preorders, then prior to launch, release more stock. Usually this extra stock allocation would be done multiple times. I wonder with covid and the late preorders whether this will happen. Hopefully everyone that has preordered for a 2020 release still gets one. If covid ramps up over the next month anything could happen though.

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gameslayer241131d ago

I have a feeling that even though I got my direct pre-order, that inevitably I won't be part of the first wave. Even though Sony stated that Direct Pre-Orders would arrive by launch day. What a sad bit of news.

gameslayer241131d ago

Update: After logging in and checking my order on Playstation Direct, on shipping method it explicitly says- SHIPPING METHOD: Launch Day Delivery, Get it on Release Day. FREE for PSPLUS.

Dunno exactly what this means but we will see. I will update if I receive new information.

Teflon0231d ago

Basically means, Stop tripping. Your getting your stuff and PS Plus ppl just get priority

medman30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I got a ps5 secured through best buy store pickup. I got a series x release day delivery through amazon. If I had to bet on one to be there on actual launch day, it would be has a tendency of claiming delays in shipment when they get busy.

Either way, if I get both at launch, or neither, I won't be upset, I'm just thankful I was able to navigate the madness of these atrocious preorders to have a chance to play some games I'm looking forward to this fall/winter. If it happens sooner, or later, so be it.

Traecy31d ago

Thankfully I was lucky to get my pre-order a week ago.

enkiduxiv31d ago

It's gonna be hilarious when all these fools who are bragging about their pre-orders end up getting delayed for months anyway due to supply shortages or retailer error.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen31d ago

That's why they're releasing the consoles early to avoid the holiday shipping rush. Smart move by Microsoft and Sony.

medman30d ago

I don't foresee that happening, simply because it seems like both Sony and Microsoft are severely limiting the number of consoles they are allocating, which is why getting a preorder was damn near impossible. Reports are some stores are only getting a few units. At this point doesn't seem to be a lot to go around....maybe those numbers will increase in the next month to month and a half, but it's going to be tight. It seems like retailers are really in fact limiting their preorders to numbers of units they are expecting to receive, not taking additional preorders from peole without having any idea of how many units they are actually getting.

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