Xbox Hinting at More Stock Ahead of Launch

Xbox preorders are done, at least the initial wave. We are still unsure whether or not a second wave will be coming, and while Xbox Canada had nothing official to share, tweets from the US Xbox account seem to indicate more will be available!

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ziggurcat35d ago

There's never only one wave of pre-orders.

Mr Pumblechook34d ago

My local Game, which covers a huge catchment area, still has plenty of units of the Xbox Series S. So early adopters are preferring to go for the Series X.

ziggurcat34d ago

Early adopters tend to be more serious about gaming, so that makes sense.

I'm still waiting to hear when Xbox All Access is going to be made available in Canada. I can afford a nominal monthly payment on a Series X, but I might have to wait until after November 10 to be able to set that up?

Also, for some goddamned reason, Amazon Canada does not list the Series S anywhere on their site, so even if I wanted to pre-order through them I couldn't.

Hakuoro29d ago

That's not a good sign for Microsoft and really shows a massive failure of management in predicting the markets. Why anyone would try to pass off a next gen console that's less powerful than their previews console is beyond me. And so far the only things I have heard about their financing programs have been disastrous.

Meanwhile both Sony's PlayStation's sell out instantly world wide so it seems like one company knew the audience a lot better than the other.

KratosKonundrum34d ago

It probably didn't sell out in certain regions and it looks like they're playing the shell game with the left over units.

Even if the PS5 rendered its games in monochromatic 720p it would still outsell the Series X because demand for Sony's masterfully designed console is unprecedented.

Hakuoro29d ago

Yea... demand is a lot higher for one than the other. It's going to be an xbone situation all over again where there were so many sitting in stockrooms Microsoft had to pause production in the first year just to clear them out.

shadowT34d ago

Depends on country, in most European countries Xbox Series S is still available and the Xbox Series X got available for pre-order again in some stores.

MaxiPower9034d ago

Which countries still have the X?

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EasilyTheBest34d ago

I'm dreading N4G once the consoles are out. It will be, "can't get a PS5 anywhere but they had boxes n boxes of Xbox" or "the manager of the shop said they have sold 100 ps5s today n only 2 Xboxes" 😕

Applejack34d ago

It’s console launch tradition 🙃

phoenixwing34d ago

meanwhile i'm over here with a pc lol might be one reason for the mass amounts of xbox there's just a ton of pc users

Dre18034d ago

I completely agree. I’m getting both - just as I’ve done since the PS3/360 days. I understand there are people who enjoy Sony games more, others Microsoft. And that’s fine. But it’s exhausting reading Xbox sucks, or ps5 sucks just because it’s not someone’s system of choice. No need to have to justify which system you purchased.
Enjoy what you have. More competition only benefits gamers in the end and people should want both platforms to do well. I will be enjoying both personally.

Hakuoro29d ago

"More competition only benefits gamers in the end"'

Supporting Microsoft is supporting their goal to eliminate competition from Sony and Nintendo.

Hakuoro29d ago

Well... what are you dreading, the truth? That's what happened...

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Bluemaster7734d ago

Why are the prices higher in the banner?

AdamRoffel30d ago

Canadian pricing. GamesReviews opperates out of Canada.

itsmebryan34d ago

I got a email from MS at 3:48 am to complete my order. To bad I woke up at 6 am and missed it. I got all the way to my payment than it said it could not finish the transaction.