Final Fantasy XVI's Combat Could Be the Perfect Marriage of FFVII Remake and FFXV

While injecting some Devil May Cry 5 flavor into the battle system, Final Fantasy XVI also evolves previous games' combat systems a great deal.

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Eamon26d ago

Not sure where the influence of FF7R's battle system is in the FF16 trailer. This is just an evolution of what started in FF15 - i.e. a more action-orientated combat. Maybe this time there will be actual combos and skill.

Not sure why S-E decided on going the route of pure action-RPG when they perfected the ATB system in FF7R. I thought that was the perfect hybrid of the classic and the modern.

chronoforce26d ago

The development of both games probably overlapped a bit too much for ff xvi to have taken the battle system.

Eamon26d ago

True I suppose. But this feels like an intentional decision. Square has been having an identity crisis over battle systems and combat since Final Fantasy 13. Bringing in a guy who worked on Dragon's Dogma and DMC5 to work on FF16's combat means they definitely want to go for a more hack and slash style.

Not saying it won't be good, but as an old fan of the series, I thought FF7R was finally the end result of over a decade of trial and error. Guess not.

gamer780426d ago

totally agree, this seems like a step backward, atleast fromw hat i've seen.

Elda26d ago

From the trailer, it looks like a fierce hack & slash. We'll see more about it next year.

System_Call26d ago

The same exact thing was said about FF7 Remake before release.

CrimsonWing6926d ago

Where’d you get FF7’s combat system from this trailer? All I see is hack n’ slash gameplay.

Edito26d ago

FF VIIR has the best battle system for me.

System_Call26d ago

I loved FF7 Remake battle system. I hope it has something equal or better.

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