God of War's New Game Shouldn’t Come Out In 2021

Good things come to those who wait, so it wouldn't be the worst thing if Santa Monica Studios took a bit longer on the next God of War game.

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RaidenBlack66d ago

No need to rush it and keep it PS5 exclusive.

ClayRules201266d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Here’s hoping it’s PS5 exclusive. And yeah, no rush for it. I’d be happy with a 2021 release date (I accidentally typed 2921) in there lol. SSM can take there time.

bouzebbal66d ago

So much damage in people's heads..
I want this sequel tomorrow!!!

UnSelf66d ago

At this rate, ppl are gonna be asking for a PS6 by 2023

morganfell66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Here’s hoping God of War comes out when Cory Barlog says it’s ready, rather than at the whims with of the know nothing gaming press.

MajorLazer66d ago

Yup. Horizon will keep me busy enough.

darthv7266d ago

Is that what you are worried about... this would be a cross gen game? Its been in development since the first released and Barlog said they would be able to churn out a sequel in less time thanks to all the groundwork they laid building the first one. Even if it does end up being a PS5 exclusive, there will still be the knowing that it started on a PS4 dev kit looming over it.

If the game is progressing, there is no need to hold it back. Im tired of seeing games get changed from one system to another at the last minute. They need to be finished for what they started on and also release for new if that is the intention.

Shane Kim66d ago

Agree with you darth. Plenty of other games that will take full advantage of next gen consoles. Next gen haven't even started and people are allready upset over cross gen games.

66d ago
Rude-ro66d ago

Just Microsoft’s shills trying their hardest to create negative scenarios.
You can tell due to the lack of intelligence in the concerns.

Cod mw was made on a modified 1998 game engine.
The only things added are better sound files, textures, resolution, etc. Ie things the hardware is capable of. Scaled according to capabilities.
Same with halo, crackdown, gears of war, madden, etc...
The majority of games are not new.
This cuts down development time and saves money all together.

So let’s define “next gen”... then have the conversation.
The core Xbox is the series s.
Is that next gen?
The game engines, are still from the 360 era.

Relientk7766d ago

I was really surprised that the end of the God of War teaser said 2021. I was expecting 2022 at the earliest. Next year on PS5 there's: Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Gran Turismo 7, Hogwarts Legacy, Deathloop, Scarlet Nexus, and more I'm probably missing. 2021 already looks stacked.

Teflon0266d ago

Alot of studios have been quiet for the past year or 2 so it's no surprise for me personally

watchem66d ago

Don't forget that the game can come out at the end of the year making it almost 2021.

badz14966d ago

2022 would be 4 years since their last game which is quite long. I think 2021 is a good time to release Ragnarok

--Onilink--66d ago

So, I keep seeing people mentioning GT for 2021, was it ever announced ? I dont really recall seeing that on the trailer

MajorLazer66d ago

Knowing PD's track record, 2021 may be a stretch. The updates have really dried up on GT Sport (☹) so who knows.

NeoGamer23266d ago

Can you point me to where these games are all confirmed as 2021 by Sony?

I don't remember seeing a date for a lot of them by Sony yet. I really hope this many games are coming out in 2021 that would drive me to get a PS5. But, I just haven't been able to confirm all of these.

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amazingmax766d ago

Title should say 'Santa Monica's new God of War game.....' :P

ZeroBlue266d ago

Yeah, Kratos isn't developing the game, lol.

kneon66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Of course not, he would be in a management position.

I pity his staff, at least what's left of them

Agent_00_Revan66d ago

GET BACK TO WORK BOY!! Or I will rip off your arm and beat you with it!!

Lore66d ago

3 years seems about right. Holiday 2021 is solid for the release

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Gardenia66d ago

Also they now have the engine and a lot of experience because of GoW 2018. Things will go a lot smoother and faster now.

GoodGuy0966d ago

2022 seems more realistic. Have a feeling itll also be a ps4 release.

ClayRules201266d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I’m fine if it’s 2022. But if it’s 2021, as the teaser said, I’m happy. I just hope it’s releasing only on PS5. But I wonder...

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