Big in Japan promotion returns to PlayStation Store

The Big in Japan promotion returns to PlayStation Store this Wednesday, September 23! This sale features a vast range of titles originating from a variety of Japanese development studios, with up to 50% on the games included in the promo.

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TheScotsman38d ago

You know some people.tell us that are always full price and you should always buy disk versions. Disk free since PS3.

northpaws38d ago

For me, any single player game, me and my brother just get one copy and we take turn playing it (we are in different household), so even though we get games day 1, each of us is only paying half of it, impossible with digital version. When we are done, we can sell it, getting maybe at least half of it back. Again, impossible to do with digital. And I often lend my games to my other friends too... yet another advantage of physical.

The only advantage that digital has over physical is convenient, not gonna argue with that.

Grilla38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You can share digital games and play them at the same time. Me and my brother have done it for years. Just set your psn account as primary on your brothers ps4 and his on yours. You can share your entire digital library with one other system, not possible with physical media.

MajorLazer38d ago

One other system. My friend bought God of War at launch and probably 7-8 of us have played that same disc since then, without the hassle of having to set up an account on someone elses console.

TheScotsman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Your wrong. If I buy a digital version my sons set up me on his ps4 as primary and he can play any of my games under his user name and get throphies. And I can play my games on the other ps4 in lounge as well and at the same time together. No need to wait. So get your facts straight.

Grills, it's great isn't it, hate it when the disk lovers think there right, so infact we paying less for two copies lol

northpaws38d ago

So, the benefits of digital version is a glitch that is not fixed yet...

Grilla38d ago

@TheScotsman Yeah it’s great, and if the person you’re sharing with buys a game you’re basically getting a game for free.

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MajorLazer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

You have to wait for sales. New games are £60+ whereas disc versions can be found for £40-44. Then you factor in the ability to sell that game after you're done and also being able to lend it to your family and friends so they get to experience it without having to pay. Discs are far superior to digital. Also, everytime I pre-order a game, it comes a day early. Sometimes street dates are broken much earlier and people have the game in their hands much earlier. All of that is impossible with all-digital.

Grilla38d ago

Psn has sales every week, you don’t have to pay full price if you’re willing to wait 3-6 months.
What’s GameStop going to give you for a used game 5$? Not worth the time or gas. That’s why GameStop is going outta business.

MajorLazer38d ago

Wait 3-6 months for a new release 🤔 No thanks. To give you an example of resellability, I bought CoD: MW at launch for £44. I sold it 7 months later having put in about 150 hours into the game for... £40. I played a new release for 7 months for a total cost of £4. I also got RDR2 as part of a bundle (upgraded from my OG PS4 to a slim) and I lent that out to a couple of friends first and then sold it for £37.50. With digital I would have been stuck with them, instead I recouped pretty much all my money.

TheScotsman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Can anyone else smell that?...... Mr lazer

TheScotsman38d ago

And if your moaning about the costs of gaming, maybe your not in the financial position to be gaming and should find another hobby😁😁㈳ 3;😁

MajorLazer38d ago

Who's complaining? I'm just pointing out disc is superior to digital. People who are digital only always love to make a song and dance about it. I prefer to have options, given that I have a digital library of well over 100 PS4 games and 100+ PS3 games and have owned countless amounts of discs too.

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LucasRuinedChildhood38d ago

I just want Sekiro to go on sale. I've never seen it drop on the PS Store.

monkey60238d ago

I think I remember you saying you were Irish before. Maybe not. But if so it was last on sale in June and the cheapest it has been is €45

That PSPrices I'd actually handy for comparing sales deals

P_Bomb38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It was on sale during Days of Play in June and the Spring sale in April. Hopefully its rotation will come up again soon.

One game I’ve NEVER seen on sale since launch? Untitled Goose Game lol! Unless it’s Japanese, I don’t expect to see it this week either.

EDIT: Hold the phone! I just searched Untitled Goose on the NA store and it’s 25% off starting today. It appears some of today’s sales (9/23/20 to 10/08/20) are already being stealth posted if you wanna search.
Nioh 2 50% off.
Dragons Crown Pro 65% off.
All the Yakuzas 50%-60% off

Knushwood Butt38d ago

There is a game of the year edition coming out in Japan. Maybe other regions. You may want to wait for that.

SullysCigar38d ago

Complete Kingdom Hearts collection at 70% off is very tempting!

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RgR38d ago

Ive been saying this for a while. Compared to xbox digital store, the playstation store has new sales all the time sometimes multiple sales at the same time.

Im more against digital on the xbox side because of their store than the playstation.
But microsoft found a solution for it. Gamepass. Monthly subscription.

Love these sales...but I tend to wait even longer because I dont buy new games unless im done with the ones I already have. Unless something i want goes down to $5 I dont buy it while im playing other games.