Sony Can Make a Huge Splash for PS5 Fans By Acquiring One Studio

Responding to Microsoft's Bethesda deal, PS5 fans are calling for Sony to make a counter acquisition, and one studio would make a world of difference.

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Sonyslave31341d ago

From software is already owned lol do people even do their research.

RazzerRedux1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

lol....what? Just because a developer is owned by a parent company doesn't mean it cannot be sold.

The question is whether a) Sony is interested in buying From Software and b) Kadokawa is interested in sellling. Both have to be true for this to even be possible.

porkChop1340d ago

This would be like Take Two selling Rockstar. They aren't going to sell their most prestigious dev.

DiRtY1340d ago

Well there are a couple of more questions than these two. For example: "How much?"

SullysCigar1340d ago

^ Everything has a price, @porkChop

RazzerRedux1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )


Maybe, maybe not, but that isn't the point I made. They could sell if both parties were interested.


Both parties have to agree to be at the table before they can start negotiations.


Nothing stopping from Kadokawa from inviting bids from anyone.

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UltraNova1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Sully gets it, and after MS spending 7.5 frickin billion on a single purchase (Zenimax) all of you should have been able to get it too. It's a matter of how deep is Sony willing to put their hand in their pocket and anything is possible.

That said, Sony doesn't need to respond to anything, they only need to keep making the games everyone wants to play. To that end MS, barring any bad decisions, now has the IPs that everyone wants to play as well. This is to our benefit in the end - the heat is up and consistency to quality will crown the ultimate winner.

This gen is poised to be the most competitive and exciting yet, and I for one can't wait to see how it will turn up!

Marquinho1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Why in this world would Kadokawa Corporation be willing to sell their golden egg chicken?

That would only happen over a ridiculously overpriced sum of cash... and that doesn't sound likely to happen.

This guy obviously wrote this "article" over wishful thinking and zero research. He doesn't even mention Kadokawa anywhere. lol

If anything, Sony should go for Bluepoint.

umair_s511340d ago

Sony doesn't nearly have the revenue compared to MS. They have to be very conscientious. There is a reason why PS5 is overclocked compared to Series X.

bouzebbal1340d ago

What a dumb subject people are starting to have.. xbox can buy all devs in the world, talent cannot be bought. Sony worst 1st party quality and talent wipes the floor with all we've seen from xbox game studios this gen combined.
Sony bought insomniac, that's better for me than a publisher who has been making flawed games lately..

East76lands1340d ago

There's no need, people shouldn't overreact about the Bethesda takeover, it's a huge statement of intent but as it stands Sony is still the company with the established quality.

Rimeskeem1340d ago

Did Notch not sell Minecraft? His entire career to MS


Army_of_Darkness1340d ago

Not from software. A lot better developers out there like blue point (Sony will buy them if demon souls sells very well), house Marquee (love their twin stick arcade shooters) just imagine what they could do with dev funds by sony! Or even platinum games! They are also awesome!

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derek1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Sony has been too slow at buying obvious talent when they were in a position to do so. They are way to conservative in securing content for their brand. That being said I think the Zenimax purchase is a terrible buy for Microsoft, overpaying for a bunch of ip, whose popularity is in the past and could very well continue to decline. I've said it b4 having a big fat bloated entity like Microsoft involved is bad for gaming. They don't have the patience or commitment to contribute new or fresh ip to the industry and compete creatively. They just want buy their way to dominance like they did with their windows operating system. Ultimately it won't work and they'll eventually abandon the xbox brand, like they've done with mobile etc..

Greatball19871340d ago

Just because a company can be sold doesn't mean that it's for sale lmfaooooo

TakeTori1340d ago

Also, just don't buy From Software, man. They're my favourite Japanese company and I want to continue playing their games on PC.

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Bathyj1340d ago

Well there are no stray developers.

Everyone's already owned, including you now.

The_Sage1340d ago

Ouch... Bathyj from the top rope.

Jin_Sakai1340d ago

Sony should buy Bluepoint Games for sure. They could also acquire Square Enix. They always work close with Sony.

neutralgamer19921340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I would love to see Sony be aggressive but they usually buy studios who have worked with sony in some exclusive manner in the past

Bluepoint games are next in my opinion

Some publishers I would love Sony to buy

Capcom due to their history and how many valuable IP's they own

Sega for same reason as capcom even more IP's

Square enix because a decade or so ago Sony bought a bunch of shares when share were struggling to help them out. So I could see approaching them

Now I don't think none of these studios alone will cost Sony 7.5 billion

They could also approach AT&T to buy WB games which was estimated to cost under 5 billion

We saw Sony made a multi billion dollar offer warframe developers parent company

Let's see in any case I think bluepoint are next (rumor has it they want to remake all 3 jak and Dexter games into one large game with improvements)

throne1340d ago

that'd be cool if it happens....I wouldn't want sony to just make some panic buy but I feel sega would be a good fit for them especially coz of their history with yakuza,persona not to mention the new ip judgement is synonymous with playstation all these years

jjacks491340d ago

Bluepoint games makes too much sense. I think something not talked about enough is Sony Bend. I’d argue it’s the weakest of the Sony developers, but it has grown and put out a good game with days gone. It just took forever. I hope Sony bend grew to the size of the other developers under Sony’s umbrella. If Sony bend can make the jump in quality int makes Sony’s first party that much stronger. Even with the acquisition of Bethesda Sony developers take the top two or three spots. Naughty dog.. Sony Santa Montica and we have seen gurillia games developer into a top notch dev team.

What people aren’t talking about is over the next year and half ( if they don’t get delayed which admittedly is a big if) Sony will be releasing a new god of war/ a new horizon/ a new Spider-Man/ all of them are gang busters.

Shikoku1340d ago

@porkchop and no one thought bethesda would sell themselves off either everything has a price

ArthriticPowers1340d ago

That's incorrect. Rumours had been circling for 2yrs

UltraNova1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Ever since Fallout 76 crashed and burned, then kept crashing and burning, Bethesda's foundation was shook. It was the best time for them to sell. And what a deal they've cut for themselves huh...

Sayai jin1340d ago

It comes down to the companies strategy and cash on hand. Just because some people who are caught up in the so called console war or uoset, now want Sony to buy a studio. If it is not in Sony's Strategy it won't happen and even if it was something they were interested in, it comes down to the number 2 I mentioned. Cash on hand. Sony as a whole has $33 billion. In contrast, Microsft has $137 billion cash on hand. These numbers are for thr companies as a whole.

neutralgamer19921340d ago

Sayai jin

33 is a huge number too and because PlayStation is sony's top earner and bread/butter they could a realistically spend 10 to 15 billion

Because it's in their best interest their PlayStation generates more money because the more money it generates the more profit they will make. On the other hand Microsoft is not dependent on Xbox brand to earn them a profit

I feel like a lot of times people don't understand the priorities of what companies are very different

Sony could one to two big publishers from Japan and that would help them a lot. For example square enix and capcom