XBOX Pre-Order Blunder & Bethesda Buyout could Spell Disaster for PS5 - Operation PlayStation

Paul James and DASH discuss the latest in the world of PlayStation including the Big Bethesda Buyout and how big of a global blunder XBOX's Pre-Order system was.

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DiRtY38d ago

Well Microsoft positioned themselves as the undisputed leader for RPGs.

- Fable
- Wasteland
- Outer Worlds
- Fallout
- The Elder Scrolls
- Avowed

That is a crazy lineup of now exclusive franchises!

A lot of RPG players will pick a Xbox over a PS5 for it. But no, Sony is not doomed.

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Shane Kim38d ago

We'll see when the consoles are out. For now, you are just speculating.

shabz66638d ago

fable and avowed is the only exclusive for now. Will have to see what the MS plan is for Inexile and their next game. The bethesda slate for exclusivity is still up in the air, but all day one gamepass is still a big get.

conanlifts38d ago

I think self publishing will lead Bethesda and MS to do a mix of exclusives and multi platform games. Hopefully games like elder scrolls or fallout release on both. But time will tell.

DiRtY38d ago

Ah okay, N4G still hopes that MS will bring those games to PS5.
Well keep your fingers crossed then, but I highly doubt it that all of these games and all of these studios will be on PS5.

ssj2738d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Horizon > any of those probably except elders scroll. But is not too far. Skyrim sold around 20 million on 2 generation. Im sure Horizon2 could easily match or surpass those numbers. Horzonzd did around 13 so far on few years 1 generation. 2 system. Horizon 2 will be on current and nextgen can easily do 20 miillion on sales.
Sony definitely needs to bring a new rpg perhaps one inspired on games of the thrones by maybe sucker punch or some AAA team and that will be enough. Plus they got final fantasy 16 exclusive which is heavy inspired on western rpg
And they got the best western rpg ever day 1 demons souls which by the one is the only truly nextgen game so far other than R&C

So Horizon, GOW is very rpgish, Demon souls, final Fantasy > xbox rpgs

DiRtY38d ago

Oh lord. Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Snakefist3038d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Horizon is horrible compare to Elder scrolls!

Chocoburger38d ago

You listed 6 game series I have literally zero interest in. Being the leader of boring, grindy, game worlds that are too big for their own good and packed with more bugs than gameplay elements, isn't something I'd personally be proud of. This Bethesda buyout doesn't affect me.

medman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I feel similarly, as I've never played an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. Personally it's not affecting me but I recognize it as a massive deal for the industry. What I think is a much bigger deal is now it's possible that all of the previous games in those series will come to gamepass at some point, and all the new first party titles will come to gamepass as well. That is value that is hard to argue against. If you are someone who likes playing those games, if gamepass pricing stays competitive, it's hard to see how those people wouldn't buy into gamepass, because that sure beats paying 70 bucks a pop to play these games.

The thing that will effect Sony is those cross platform titles. I was fortunate to preorder a ps5 and series x. I have an interest in playing deathloop and ghostwire tokyo. At this point I may not purchase them at 70 bucks a piece for Sony if I know at some point they will come to gamepass at a later date, which is likely. It's not great for Sony, but for Sony only console only gamers, it will have no impact.

Chocoburger37d ago

medman, I agree 100%.
While it doesn't affect me specifically, it will affect many others, and it will hurt Sony's bottom line to some extent.
I too am interested in Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo. Hopefully they turn out to be good games.
Enjoy both your PS5 and Xbox Series X!

medman38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I think you mean western rpgs son. The east still makes some pretty fantastic ones. Europe ain't bad either....I'm getting ready to enjoy Cyberpunk shortly and the enhanced for next gen Witcher 3 after that.

averagejoe2638d ago


Fable - hasn't had a game in years after cancelations and weak entries. Pure hype, not even a single clip seen.

Wasteland - barely anybody plays these at all.

Outer Worlds - sold the game after a week. Did not review or sell well. The RPG audience doesn't care about this game.

Fallout - last 2 entries were universally panned. Has become a literal laughing stock with how bad the last 2 entries were. Hasn't been a good series in 10 years.

Elder Scrolls - the only one worth noting. Pretty obvious it won't be exclusive anyway but nice try.

Avowed - still have seen literally nothing about this game.

Nice try but no. Persona 5, the critically acclaimed Playstation RPG, holds more weight by itself than all of these games combined minus Elder Scrolls. Throw Final Fantasy in there and Playstation has already become the RPG leader with just 2 games

You shills are out in full force but it's going to take more than your delusions for MS to be the best place for RPGs. Thanks for the laugh, though.

PrinterMan37d ago

Only 1 of those MS actually had anything to do with. ooooooh, MS so brilliant.

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danny81838d ago

I am an Xbox fan. But if anything they are catching up to PS if Bethsedas games do become exclusive. They have been making crazy moves all gen tho and we should see the fruits of their labor this new gen coming up

Stanjara38d ago

Nope, just a classic new product launch.

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