Minecraft VR for PSVR Out Now, Free Upgrade for Existing Minecraft Owners; New Trailer Released

PP: Minecraft VR is out now on PSVR, and just like that millions of gamers are suddenly interested in VR.

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Neonridr29d ago

Nice to see the PSVR get this update. Minecraft might be simplistic, but using VR things like spelunking down caves take on a whole new meaning and having a creeper sneak up behind you is something else, lol.

SullysCigar28d ago

By releasing this, you've just made my nephew a hermit lol

BenRC0128d ago

Same with my daughter, she'll lose her shit when she sees this

philm8728d ago

bet this will lead to a lot of kids damaging their eyesight using VR when they're too young.

WireMucks28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

looks and plays superbly,..Yesterday I said ill just test it out for 10 minutes ,..4hour later,..:) Still wish we got the Java moded (accelerated) version on the consoles,.. because some of the texture packs I used to mess on my pc years ago make it so good looking ,.. This looks like minecraft,.. and I bet it runs native reso on PSvr,.. because itt is really crisp