How Microsoft's CEO, Xbox head say Bethesda will bolster Xbox Games Pass lineup

In an interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Xbox head Phil Spencer discuss further acquisitions, how to keep making hits and what happened with TikTok.

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Satya and Phil aren't playing! I just wish they had a discless Series X available this year. I'm guessing they're sitting on that for 2021.

GetGud38d ago

At this point I don't even want to joke about Xbox, Halo or anything. Or next day I woke up and there's a news heading "Microsoft bought Sony, because console wars are too much of a hasle". XD

A small disclaimer: I am on all platforms but usually play on PC(multiplayer games), PlayStation(linear, story driven, or such other titles)

outsider162438d ago

Ahahaha..i know right. Didn't realise MS had the power to take out their cheque. These fuckers ain't messing around this gen. Not gonna trash them

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1Victor38d ago

Only time can tell if Microsoft will capitalize the new acquisitions I hope they have turn the table and can keep their noses out of the kitchen and let the cooks(developers) create their secret sauce. 🤷🏿

Sunny_D38d ago

Sony probably can’t be acquired due to Japanese law preventing foreign acquisitions.

darthv7238d ago

Fanboys look at the company and think its the same as it always is but smart people know its much more than that. The guys running MS now are not the same guys who ran it during the og and 360 days. Rare was acquired during the og time and had been stripped of what made them beloved. Same with Bungie and their desire to go independent and break out of the Halo shadow (only to go to Activision and make a Halo-esq type of game... go figure) but the guys in charge now, have a different approach. More hands off (which many said needed to happen... so its happening).

Spencer (head of Xbox) is not Matrick and Nadella (head of MS) is not Balmer. They are not going to make the same mistakes because they are not the same people or even the same type of people. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We know there will be different result because there are different people and they are NOT doing the same thing.

I get it, there are a lot of salty skeptics but seriously they need to calm the F down and just play their games they like and let everyone else do their job. With the financial backing of MS, the new xbox studios have a bit more freedom to make what they want. They have stated that already established multiplat franchises arent going anywhere and that new projects would be on a case by case basis if they will be on other consoles. MS has been making big moves behind the scenes over the course of this gen even though their first party output has been sorely lacking.

All that hard work sets them up for even greater things in the coming gen.

bouzebbal37d ago

Lol just saying that they won't screw up shows the image people have of them

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Glemt37d ago

Didn't they introduce that last gen, but it got completely pummelled by the press?

MS apparently was testing discless versions back in 2014 already:

ziggurcat37d ago

Yeah, a digital version of the Series X would be something I would get if they ever announce that for $399 USD or something - there was definitely an unconfirmed (and probably fake) Series V rumour floating around a few weeks ago.

blacktiger37d ago

this is nothing new MS been doing this since early 90's been broken down by United States anti-consumer. MS won by patent troll and thats how monopoly works.

FyBy37d ago

Yeah, they can make Xbox Series XS (X without disc) and Seris SX (S with disc). That would be great! Little sarcasm. But I think X digital version is good idea primarily to lower price point.

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darthv7238d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Hmm... will it be on the level of Sega / Ubisoft or something smaller like Sumo digital perhaps? Im hoping for the later as they know their racing games and worked with MS on Horizon 2 for the 360. With Playground busy on the new Fable... they need someone to work on the next Horizon game. Sumo would be perfect for that.

Atom66638d ago

I don't know...after Crackdown, it's hard to get excited about Sumo personally. But I think they'd be great if MS ever got off its ass and made a cart-racer like Sonic Racing.

After yesterday, who knows though. TGS would make for an interesting time to announce something from Japan, but how long have we been looking for that to happen?

darthv7238d ago

I get that people rag on CD3 because of the whole 'cloud' thing but Sumo did good on the campaign portion (which is really fun). And they have worked with Sega on Outrun 2 & 2006 C2C so they are more than just cart capable with Sonic.

Atom66638d ago

I found the campaign to be fair, but in a $20-30 budget title sort of way.

My complaint would be that it took them ~5 years, with constant delays, to deliver that game. Not so good imo.

Nice call on Outrun btw. Now I'm thinking Rare Racing game could happen.

jedagab75138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


ziggurcat37d ago

Sumo are kind of garbage. They screwed up LBP Karting, they made a mess of LBP3, and we all know what they did with Crackdown 3... they really struggle with MP/online. For the LBP games, they never worked correctly (in LBP3, specifically, I gave up trying to connect online to play with other players, and I think it's still broken even today).

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porkChop38d ago

I think Bethesda is the biggest they'd go. After this they'll probably grab a couple more individual studios.

Sitdown38d ago

Because of the shock blue controller, there is a theory floating around Sega, and now there is a rumor that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is going to game pass, which would start rumors about Ubisoft.

curtain_swoosh38d ago

id be pissed if they buy Sega.

IRetrouk38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

That rumor was shut down yesterday on twitter, Larry said sorry, something about not being clear.
Edit, here it is

chiefJohn11738d ago

Playground expanded im sure they're in the early stages of Horizon as well

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TheScotsman38d ago

Monopoly means no competition and that's bad news so let's hope not

dcbronco38d ago ShowReplies(4)
DeadSilence38d ago

Sony is seeing this & sure they know they've to answer.

No way you can let your competitors run away with the market for themselves, if Sony isn't looking then Jim needs to go, they Bought Emi for 2.3B they have the € for at least 5/6 studios like Kojima Pro or BluePoint.

If Jim is sleeping, maybe he needs to be replaced.

If Sony doesn't buy these Studios, you can sure bet Google or Amazon will soon enough, Sony is playing short minded game, they'll still sell 100M+ Ps5s but what comes next with this complacency will hurt.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

If it's a race of who can buy more studios though, we know who will win. If the weight of MS is behind buying up more, Sony might be in trouble

outsider162438d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Does Sony Need to buy more studios though? I mean their own studios right now are nothing to scoff at. Now they're actually having 2-3 more teams within them for different projects. If they continue to make games like TLou2, GOW and other quality games, i think they're gold.

Ps. Maybe Bluepoint?

dcbronco38d ago

Who are the delusional fools that believe Sony is in the same financial league as Microsoft?

dumahim38d ago

If it was, yes MS would win for sure. Thing is, shouldn't it be quality over quantity? Sure, MS has more studios now, but how do they stack up in terms of quality? I still think Sony is ahead there.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

Sure, quality is important. But if you imagine the extreme, it's easier to make the point: if MS made all the best 3rd party games out there exclusive to Xbox, Sony would lose. All it takes to do that is money. So like it or not, a company can buy it's way to victory.
In practice, of course, there are limits and a company really doesn't need ALL the games, just notably more than the other guy to start turning the tide. Escalating it is dangerous with a company with deep pockets like MS because it becomes a war of attrition, and you'll lose out against a company that is always ready to one up you. At some point it could be perceived as behaving in a monopolistic fashion if it continues

dumahim38d ago

"Sure, quality is important. But if you imagine the extreme, it's easier to make the point: if MS made all the best 3rd party games out there exclusive to Xbox,"

If MS made all the best 3rd party games exclusive to Xbox, that's quality over quantity.

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Rimeskeem38d ago

I mean, as long as Sony has a huge share of the console market I doubt publishers would actually want to go exclusive to a minority owner. Sony owns basically everywhere but the US and Japan. It’s one thing to buy companies, but having the consumers is the only thing to keep a business afloat.

crazyCoconuts38d ago

I think it's a chicken/egg thing. Let's say hypothetically MS bought all the great games publishers and shut out Sony. It would be crazy expensive but ultimately customers would leave Sony to go where the games are. It would require the buyer to suffer through big losses until that transition took place. I don't think they'll do this. But then again I didn't think they'd buy another studio so soon either

Father__Merrin38d ago

Crazy coconuts, that's illegal to do that it would never be allowed to go ahead

dcbronco38d ago

You're looking at it the wrong way. If you're a developer taking the risk of making a big title it is better to join Microsoft if they are going to leave you semi-independent. Game pass allows a developer to get funding each month instead of looking for bank loans. You don't have to worry as much about failing since the game is already paid for. Game pass is like having one huge game that sells 15 million copies every month. It always does great. You can't lose. If new IP adds more subscribers it just gets better.

Father__Merrin38d ago

PlayStation is like xbox it's a division of the parent company. Microsoft doesn't have unlimited money to buy everything xbox is nothing compared to its operating systems that Microsoft heads.

Like playstation it may have the backing but generally runs itself

dcbronco38d ago

Maybe you don't know who Satya is.

imtiyaz638d ago

I hate the fact that it’s not be able to play the new space based RPG or ES6 but when it comes down to it: God of war: Ragnarok>>>>> any Bethesda game. It’s not even a contest. If Sony acquires From Software, then they will have the best studios in the world and it won’t even be close.

ShadowWolf71238d ago you even know how long it takes to make deals like this happen? Even if they WERE looking to respond somehow, it'd take months for something like that to come to fruition.

I'd also caution against clamoring for too much of the independent/third party space being bought up. The games industry would suffer for it.

Tedakin37d ago

Everyone will buy a PS5 no matter what, but what Xbox is doing is making sure everyone buys an Xbox or PC gamepass too. It's not going to be the black and white beatdown of the previous gen if MS buys up huge chunk of big third party games. God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon are great for sure...... but gamers want Elder Scrolls, Doom and the rest too.

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