$70 Games Will Push Us Deeper Into Subscription Dependency

As games become more expensive, relying on a monthly subscription might become a more enticing offer.

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RazzerRedux27d ago

"$70 Games Will Push Me Deeper Into Subscription Dependency"


LordoftheCritics27d ago

"$70 Games May Push Us Deeper Into Subscription Dependency"


RazzerRedux27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I like mine better. No one speaks for me but me.

Army_of_Darkness27d ago

"$70 Games Will make us wait a few more months after release too purchase them on sale"

Kinda fixed??

TFJWM27d ago

$70 Games will make me spend $70 on games I want on release day...


hulk_bash198727d ago

"$70 will make people more selective of games they get at launch."

My two cents

SickSinceSix27d ago

Most accurate answer. I figure outside of digital games on consoles, many retailers will knock off 5 or 10 dollars to entice customers to their stores over others anyway

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen26d ago

Not really... Ever heard of "waiting for prices to drop?"

If no one buys the games, what choice will they have?

potatoseal26d ago

So true. Sony will make so much more monsy in gaming than MS for the entire generation. Sony will sell way more consoles and games, jsut like last gen. MS has everything riding on gamePass, but still only a minority use it and I believe it will stay that way. We'll see what the future brings....

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SegaGamer27d ago

Or you can wait for games to go on sale.

blackblades27d ago

Yep, always done that since ps3 era. $30 and under for me mostly $20 for complete edition. The wait is long but saves money.

nowitzki200426d ago

And there is always plenty of games we didnt play that help the wait.

blackblades26d ago

True, I got a backlog of games to play to wait for the games go down on ps5.

NeoGamer23226d ago

I have the subscriptions and wait for the sales.

SegaGamer26d ago

That is what I do too. I played Streets of Rage 4 on Game Pass the day it was released, and in the future I will buy it for cheap.

Zodiac27d ago

I'm really happy Game Pass is expanding. I already have to wait a long time to pick up games. Unless it's a franchise or a game that I know i will absolutely love and sink time into, I usually wait, rent (redbox if they have it), or buy used from Gamestop and return it in 7 days lol. The last few years, even seeing a $40 dollar price tag is still an obstacle, especially since I know its not the only game I will want to buy. I can't keep spending around $70 dollars on a single game, I just don't have the money lol.

ElementX27d ago

I don't care for game pass, I will gladly buy the games I want to play

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The story is too old to be commented.