The Microsoft-Bethesda Acquisition Just Blew Up Game Pass

With the announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, Xbox Game Pass seems to continue to increase in value every day.

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generic-user-name31d ago

Media before Bethesda announcement: Gamepass is a must have, it's the best deal in gaming.

Media after Bethesda announcement: whoa, now we mean what we said before!

roadkillers31d ago

Not just media. Only thing Gamepass is going to be missing is Nintendo and Sony exclusives. Get this service on Roku and they are golden

aragon31d ago

They said it won’t come to modified android OS

30d ago
aragon31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I’ll be playing all those games on pc . Just kidding I don’t have money for a thousand dollar card. I’d rather get both consoles. I have game pass and love it but I want sony to keep doing their thing otherwise it’s not healthy . Sony has definitely put in work creating ips and I look up to them for that but I also appreciate Xbox for the value of game pass and I like their console layout better. That’s y I got x1 and ps4 best t of both worlds. Even Nintendo does their thing different . I think this is gonna be a great gen with healthy competition and it’s awesome for gamers

dcbronco31d ago

Thanks for an adult view of this.

JeffGUNZ31d ago

The new RTX 3000 line is significantly cheaper then what the 2000 launched at. You can build a PC around the 3070 at 499 and be able to play these games better then consoles. the 3080 is 700 and will be more than enough for new AAA games running 4K 60+FPS.

I agree with your post though. I love gamepass for PC and will be using that and will eventually pick up a PS5.

medman30d ago

I'm with you guy...I was fortunate to secure a ps5 and series x preorder and as someone who has always owned multiple consoles, but only went with the ps4 this gen skipping the xbox one, gamepass is really the thing drawing me back in. There will be a large catalog of Microsoft games I haven't played, and I look forward to it. If I was forced to choose one console, it would be ps5....the exclusives are second to none. But this world gives you choice, and if you are fortunate enough to have the choice, choose more games over less games.

TheProfessional31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Gamepass really is an incredible deal, it's the best/cheapest way to try new games and it just got even better. Now watch sony fanboys continue to downplay bethesda games (which before they loved), and act like psnow streaming is actually competition when its an antequated joke with a terrible selection of games. There are already articles trying to rationalize paying $70 for games that you can now play day one with a subscription. Yeah keep trying to spin it, it's really working.

jukins31d ago

Nope just a bunch of boisterous xbox fanboys excited their team is "winning"

TheProfessional31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Haha says someone from the loudest group of fanboys on n4g who vocally trash everything related to xbox and anything related to nintendo but love medicore trash like knack and act like every 1st party sony game is flawless. Please. Just admit bethesda makes some very popular game series that people love and that gamepass is a good value and stop being in denial just because something isn't on playstation. Or buy both consoles and appreciate both for what they do well and stfu.

NeoGamer23231d ago

No team is "winning".

Whether it be Sony or Microsoft. We should all just be gamers and look for the things that provide gamers the most choice, the best value, and above all the best games. None of that has to do with being on team Sony or Microsoft or whoever.

Father__Merrin31d ago

But the joke is there not winning you only need to look at weekly sales of xbox including da mighty X I think its a case of voices in the head ate telling them that. Nobody is flocking to xbox and I don't think thy will. Sony will always best out xbox in quality games

jukins30d ago

lol triggered. . .. article is about how gamepass just blew up. But the op mentions sony fanboys unprovoked. . Why even mention them if not being boisterous because of the acquisition. . Oh well be in your feelings over a plastic box that anyone can get?

gamer930d ago

Father__Merrin has never heard of a thing called personal preference. The quality of Sony's shooter exclusives has never been as good as Xbox.

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-Foxtrot31d ago

I’m not going to justify the high price but maybe people just like having physical discs 🤷🏻‍♂️

NeoGamer23231d ago

And if that is your preference that is fine too.

--Onilink--31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Gamepass doesnt really stop from that though. If anything you can play those games you would normally purchase physically day 1 on gamepass (plus try out others you normally wouldnt buy) and then 2-3 months later purchase the physical version of the game at a discounted price to keep it in your collection (and that discounted price alleviates some of the cost of gamepass itself)

Its not even like you have to use gamepass EVERY month, you could pay for 1-2 months every now and then, play the games you are interested in. And then eventually buy the physical versions, at which point the cost of gamepass can be almost entirely negated by what you are saving from not buying physical day 1

There are plenty of ways to use gamepass to your advantage

King_Noctis31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I believe there are choices between going full digital and buying physical on Xbox, just like on any other consoles.

4Sh0w30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Only a minority are left who prefer physical to digital at least when you go by speaking with their wallets.

"In 2018, a record 83 percent of all computer and video games were sold in digital form, meaning that, once the game is downloaded, it is immediately ready to play. In contrast, only 17 percent of video games were sold in physical form."

On ps alone digital rose from 35% in 2017 to 53% in 2019. Im sure its much more by now.

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BrainSyphoned31d ago

As someone who just took a quarter inch of dust off his Xbox and signed up for is good but you guys way over hyped it. A lot of indie-some good but a lot trash, gears/halo games, kingdom hearts trio with a few other aging yet good square titles,ori1/2, some yakuza and Witcher 3. Wolfenstein Youngblood......

I downloaded The Outer Wilds (blech) and am instead playing Fable Anniversary. Ya after all the hype I’m playing F’ing Fable Anniversary-gogo gamepass.

Hearing that achievement sound again is almost a drug though......

aconnellan31d ago

You didn’t like Outer Wilds :O

Pickledpepper31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Lol I did the same to my ps4, turned it on after years of no use and with the fan being so noisy and flat out my living room looked like someone set off a smoke grenade, all so my son can play fall guys.

jwillj2k431d ago

Make the most powerful hardware to play the most mediocre games. Makes sense. /s

shabz66631d ago

Ah come on now , red dead 2 was on game pass, witcher is there, RE7 is there now (also now on psnow btw) , dishonored 2 is there (also on psnow) , spiritfarer is there now (which is great btw), gears 5 and tactics (pc) is there now as well, these are really good games. I played 3 yakuza games on it, and i'm considering getting the remaster collection on ps4 now.

i think the value proposition for playing all these for $15 a month is amazing, Buying tlou 2, Horizon, God of war for $60 each is also worth it ofc coz they are some top tier games. But its a choice to play lets say 10 top tier ps exclusives for $600 or 200 games of varying quality for $15.

Its money for time, value is different for different people, i wish gamepass and ps now were a thing when i was in college would have helped my broke ass a lot at that time.

gamer930d ago

Make less powerful hardware to play yet another 3rd person story campaign while completely ignoring the massive first person shooter market. Makes sense. /s

Sunny1234531d ago

Its no doubt a great service, the potential future of gaming. It was too good to be true for many. It ps doesn't provide a similar service I am actually afraid for ps5.

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FanboySpotter31d ago

And then the whole EA vault added to gamepass later on. Wow

Cacolaco31d ago

Any time one of these major console companies snatches up a major developer we shouldn’t be applauding it. It’s a win for Microsoft, but not for gamers in general (and definitely not for PS5 owners).

glennhkboy31d ago

All 3 companies have been, & will be, buying developers for years. this is how this industry work. Applying your logic, Sony snatched up Polyphony, Guerrilla, Insomniac was bad for gamers (and definitely not for XBox owners), right?

JeffGUNZ30d ago

I always laugh at this because people here always forget Sony bought these studios. There is nothing wrong with that, like you said, that's how to bizz goes.

ElementX31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

At least MS devs release games on PC, they aren't cutting out anyone, all the fanboys say they don't need Xbox because they all have gaming rigs to go with their PS

sampsonon30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

The Gamepass Bird goes "CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP games......"

MS "Polly want a patch?"

Polly "Polly needs a patch, Polly needs a patch"

Looks like MS just became the grilled steak of gaming. Congrats gaming community. They couldn't beat them so they went the quantity over quality route, and people are biting. I know it's chewy, but that's what happens when you pay for "CHEAP!"

Ulf30d ago

Wow. Nice SDF desperation post.

SyntheticForm30d ago

Well, nobody can say that you didn't try with this post.

Neither can anyone say 'what' you tried.

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