Wonderwallweb review Singstar Abba for PS3

Quote from site:

"There is no doubt that Singstar Abba is squarely aimed at Abba fans so if you hate their songs or have never even heard of them then chances are this disc won't be for you, however if you have a spare £19.99 sitting about then adding this to your collection will surely appeal to someone you know, it might even make a great Xmas present for your Abba loving relatives".

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heroicjanitor4246d ago

Review it from an abba fans perspective. It's like saying that a metallica cd deserves points taken off because rap fans won't like it

wotta4246d ago

because it wont appeal to everyone, unlike the other discs it doesn't have a variety of artists and therefore does not deserve a higher score imo.

heroicjanitor4246d ago

If it says singstar abba, heavy metal fans don't buy it, so is it a good game for abba fans should be on the reviewers mind and he shouldn't underscore it in case people who don't like abba buy it

majorsuave4242d ago

Finally an exclusive that will sell consoles :)