GAME adds £10 delivery charge to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S pre-orders on the quiet secretly adds £9.99 delivery charge to Xbox PlayStation pre orders...

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SullysCigar1094d ago

GAME are scum and the sooner they're closed the better. The only shame would be the people working there being put of a job.

EazyC1093d ago

The new consoles will keep em going a bit longer, digital games are going to kill them off soon.

GetGud1094d ago

Wow, 2020 is sure interesting, now we have to pay 10 bucks for delivery.

kenpachi1094d ago

Sucks that Game is some people's only option they probably won't full fill most of the pre-order's

waderae1093d ago

you are aware who owns GAME now right ? They are not the weak penniless strugglers of two years ago..

They will fulfill its orders, outside of Amazon they will have the next biggest allocation.

Sportsdirect wont muck about if Xbox stiff them, I used to work for both SD & GAME, one thing I know is SD are ruthless, they wouldn't think twice about dumping Xbox from front of store (that it currently) has to the back and pushing PS5+Switch heavy.... I mean they did it to NIKE once!

Don't get me wrong i dislike SD very much but they will not be pushed over by anyone.

-Foxtrot1094d ago

Why though? Anything over a certain price they've always done free delivery

1094d ago
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