Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Takes Advantage of PS5 Power Making Sure of 60FPS

Treyarch Creative Specialist Miles Leslie shares what the PS5 technology offers for their latest game.

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Jin_Sakai27d ago

“According to Leslie, Cold War will have a 120Hz refresh rate and they will make sure it is at 60 frames per second.“

Am I reading this wrong?

Ju27d ago

" immersion and a cinematic feel, right, and that butter-smooth 60 frames per second, things players expect, we’re trying to take and enhance, with that at 120Hz"

27d ago
porkChop27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

In the quote it sounds like he's saying that people expect things like 60fps, but they're trying to push that experience to 120fps. The quote is oddly worded though, it's confusing.

Vegamyster27d ago

Pretty sure the title should be 120 given the quote, 60 fps for CoD has been the standard for the last two gens.

P_Bomb27d ago

That’s what I was thinking. It’s already 60fps.

ClayRules201227d ago

Yeah, I thought it was too. Like, that was one thing the dev’s always were praises for was it being 60 fps for so long now.

Rachel_Alucard27d ago

If you have played the more recent CoDs, a lot of them have some substandard frame rates that vary around the 45-60 fps mark. This started happening after Ghosts came out I noticed how stuttery a lot of the console versions were running.

Ju27d ago

The beta was close to 60fps on PS4 Pro.

Rachel_Alucard27d ago

Yeah but you needed to have a pro or OX to experience that. And yet again it still stuttered even with that boosted framerate. Regardless, it's suffered in recent years with the hardware not catching up to the software.

Vegamyster27d ago

I noticed it had issues during certain parts of the campaigns the but multiplayer was almost always locked.

Muzikguy27d ago

That's what I was thinking too. Like if it's 60 it shouldn't be an article

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Tedakin27d ago

Hasn't COD been 60fps since the Xbox 360?

jukins27d ago

Its targeted 60 since then. Won't be until this gen, supposedly, that its the absolute minimum it will run on next gen

Binarycode27d ago

I'm sure he meant 60fps quality mode and 120fps performance mode etc.

But regarding PS4/PRO

The game had either dynamic resolution imo, looks and runs better on the Pro, But it isn't a Beta./ It's only an Alpha.

When it releases, it should be pretty stable 60fps and much cleaner game.

BenRC0126d ago

It looked like ass on the pro. The jaggies on distant objects were like something from the ps2 era. The whole thing was just fuzzy and a big back step from mw.

26d ago
yeahokwhatever24d ago

what are you even talking about? lol

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