Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Switch) Review - The Perfect Port? | Finger Guns

Rossko: Ori returns to the Nintendo Switch and is practically perfect in every single way. The Finger Guns Review.

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66d ago
Levii_9266d ago

Perfect port ? Are you kidding ? This game struggles on switch quite a bit.

Loadedklip66d ago

Not sure why you got 2 downvotes without a comment. I just beat the game yesterday on Switch. I absolutely LOVE IT. But it did hard crash about 7 times in a 15 hour playthru. I am not the only one that had these crashes.

Luckily the game's autosave makes it that you don't lose much progress but it does seem to push the Switch to the breaking point multiple times.

Levii_9266d ago

The game is fantastic. I love Ori games sooo much but yeah the sequel struggles on switch a lot and yes i had two crashes as well so far.

Marquinho66d ago

Glad to see Xbox games having success outside its ecosystem.

Ori 2 is also on Switch btw.

Loadedklip66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

... this is Ori 2. Maybe you meant to say Ori 1 is also on Switch.