Euro Gamer Art of Rally Review - a slight yet stylish take on off-road driving

From Eurogamer: "There's more besides, such as a free roam which gives you a generous little open world to drift around in whatever car you may have unlocked, complete with a handful of secrets and collectibles to find. And of course there's an online mode with daily events, where art of rally is whittled down to the essentials and it's just you, an impossibly narrow road and an improbably powerful car and a ticking clock - which is all you need, really.

And it's not so much about how much art of rally does but rather how it does it. It's as graceful and poised as Michèle Mouton holding a Quattro S2 at an impossible angle, and as stylish as any driving game I've played. There might be more complex takes than art of rally on the discipline out there, but none of them is as quick to get to the appeal of off-roading as this."

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