Super Mario 3D All-Stars review - Who's Luigi Again? | TechStomper

"Super Mario 3D All-Stars showcases not only groundbreaking moments in gaming history, but people's childhoods and milestones."

Christian Wait, TechStomper

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TheEffectDotNet30d ago

They really need to split these games into 3 separate offerings though! Not interested in Super Mario 64! Looks like a good bundle for those who are into all 3.

PrimeVinister30d ago

SM64 is a classic though. It's 3D platforming canon and it's still playable.

Greatball198729d ago

It'd be great to offer them individually, at least digitally, but apparently they can't be bothered to even keep the bundle on their servers for longer than 6 months, let alone do something as consumer friendly as offer options. I'm not terribly interested in SMG, mostly SMS with SM64 as a bonus, but it's still a great trilogy.

TheLigX30d ago

Here’s the only real review on the internet: it’s cash grab trash and Nintendo proves that it’s fanboys are suckers for the millionth time.

Greatball198729d ago

SMS has never been released on any other system yet so it's worth it for that alone if you're a fan who wants to play an official version portably. It's a dirty job on Nintendo's end for sure though.

Oywee29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

SM64 was a superb mario-game at the time, and still is. I just wished Nintendo gave it some more love on the remastering process than just releasing it as an lazy emulated port in 4:3 format.

Greatball198729d ago

What a missed opportunity to add Luigi to SM64...