Interview: Jack Buser On PlayStation Home's Community Focus

WorldsinMotion: "Director of PlayStation Home Jack Buser claims that the release of the frequently delayed, PS3-defining virtual world is now 'imminent'-to come before the end of the year-and so Worlds In Motion sat down with him to discuss the future potential of the world and the challenges it will face, and despite third party influence, 'community first' are his watchwords."

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I love this quote " Companies are chomping at the bit to be involved—we're seeing spaces launch and the world hasn't even launched yet! " ....Walking in home you see how amazing this APP will be . Sony is going to bank of advertisement like crazy . My space is a page , but home you can actually walk by maybe somebody famous and chat or talk to them . Heck they might even have there own space or party ..just wow kudos to sony

PimpHandHappy4234d ago


i look 4ward to seeing the progess HOME makes over the life of the PS3

ZmokeR4234d ago

I am in home right now, and i remember the first time i came out from my apartment and saw the EU square with avatars running around all over the place, ppl coming towards me just saying hi and welcome.

My friends that sat beside me was like Wow this is awesome.
And i totaly agree.
I was a little bit sceptic towards home i can agree before, tho now when i am in it , i love it.
There is sooooo much potetntial(<- SRy spelling)
in this app so its crazy.

I have already had 2 parties at my crib with 7ppl in my apartment siting and just chatting and just having a blast.

The gfz in this app is over the bar to, i thought it would be "ok" tho its not "ok" its very very beautiful.

Sony maybe have pushed this app forward and forward, but damn IMO its ALLLLL forgiven now.
Damn sony i love ya! You did a hack of a job with home and i am so glad that you took your time with it.

Ppl said home will fail, tho imo, i believe, HOME CANT fail.
and IT WONT fail.

If you want to chat with me in person or my avatar my name is ZmokeR and i usually am in the EU Home square with my friends or at the mall sitting and just chatting on the balcony with my friends.

And thats one more thing, before i had no friends on my psn
(9 ppl or so) , not that i didn't want any friends, i didn't have the time to add them when i was playing say Cod 4, and when i quit the game i forgot there names already.

Tho 2h in home and i (i am not kidding) have like 29 ppl on my psn list, all from girls ( yes they are girls in Irl ) from ppl all over the world.

I just LOVE home.
ZmokeR out.

belal4234d ago

sell consoles if its marketing is on the place hehe :P