PS5 Is Not Being Held Back, PS4 Is Too Successful to Ignore

PS4 success has PS5 early adopters feeling burned by PlayStation and cross-generation exclusive video games, but it only helps PS5 early adopters.

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locomorales275d ago

Next-gen consoles will arrive this year.

But Sony and Microsoft's decisions made next-gen games be delayed to 2022 at least.

REDGUM274d ago

I'm reluctant to agree with you but it does more so seem that it'll be another 2 years or so before we start seeing next gen exclusive's as a standard. I'm not on the complaint boat that alot of people seem to be, I pre ordered one just because of the future ahead as well as being able to complete my back catalogue. I'm not really upset about it though it feels a little (A LITTLE I empathise) like an upgrade like what the pro did. Sure we can play our old games with possible frame rate increases but the ps4 games themselves won't change graphically unless re-written, and untill we start seeing the exclusives in the way they will be showcased it feels more like an upgrade to me.
Again, I'm not complaining at all but maybe just not quite as excited as I was before knowing this cross gen at the start.
Support for the ps4 though must continue as its far from over with it's capabilities.

Mixed emotions.

darthv72274d ago

There is a very logical reason why you dont see as much of an improvement and how it seems like how the pro and x were received. Next gen hardware isnt about what you will see. Its about what you wont see. You cant see 3d audio but it will effect how the games sound. You cant see the SSD but it will effect how the games load. You cant see the haptic feedback but it will effect how the games feel. Adding those together creates a more engrossing next gen experience than what you could see. And the amount of smaller, finer details will be enhanced leading to the impression that you are seeing next gen. True generational leaps used to be things like 2D to 3D and then from 3D to photo realistic graphics. We reached those a while ago, everything else has been evolutionary. So the real benefits of next gen wont be so obvious to the eye but instead to the overall experience.

God that sounds like marketing speak... haha

RpgSama274d ago

I don't know about you, but I'm playing Demon's Souls this year and R&C when it comes out, 2 clear next generation games with my ps5 + all the cross generation games

TheDibbler274d ago

I'm so looking forward to Demon's Souls as that is the only souls game that I missed out if only I could get a damn PS5 preorder.

locomorales274d ago

Although Demon's Souls come only for PS5 it's not a game that NEEDS PS5. It's a PS3 game with a fresh coat of paint.

I get that some people accept visuals as a new gen. I don't. I think we need games that make experiences that were impossible on older hardware. Remember how Skyirm was almost impossible to play on PS3? PS4 made possible big open world games. Not only prettier games.

And there's only one game that seems to be impossible on PS4: Ratchet & Clank. Beside that PS5 will be a PS4 Pro Pro for almost 2 years. The same can be said about Xbox Series X.

EmperorDalek274d ago

Demon's Souls is a better looking PS3 game, hardly what I would define as a true next generation game.

NeoGamer232274d ago

That is ridiculous.

90% of games that ship in the first two years of any console cycle are based on game engines from the previous generation.

Spider-man MM, Horizon Forbidden West, etc. it is just dumb the concept that they can only ship games on the new console. The reality is that nothing is holding back next gen games except the time to create them. Hardware was finalized for each console in probably around May. Developers take at least two years after that to build engines that truly take advantage of the hardware. That is just common sense.

FlavorLav01274d ago

Keep ignoring Demon Souls brah, I’m gonna be super busy playing a next gen game day 1 on PS5.

darthv72274d ago

You are gonna be super busy playing a HD remaster of a PS3 game day 1 on PS5... brah

ecchiless274d ago

some one should tell darth the difference between a remake and a remaster :facepalm:

CaptainObvious878274d ago

"But Sony and Microsoft's decisions made next-gen games be delayed to 2022 at least."

Demon's Souls Remake says hello

locomorales274d ago

A ps3 remaster is your definition of next gen on PS5? 🤔

CaptainObvious878274d ago

It's a remake, not a remaster, two very different things.

And yes, if the game was built from the ground up for PS5.

darthv72274d ago

It has been in development for at least two years on ps4 dev kits. It was first rumored back in 2018 if I recall.

ssj27274d ago

Demons souls and ranche&C are only true nextgen game in term of fidelity visuals textures assets etc.
So it's upsetting but we at least getting some nextgen games.
And others even if they are still current gen they will be amazing games but sony missing a big opportunity here for catering current gen for so long

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Christopher274d ago

Just so I understand the author correctly, the PS1 and PS2 weren't too succcessful to ignore, but the PS4 is even though video games are way more mainstream now than they were before?

Seems like a cop-out to me. I get why they're doing it, but it has nothing to do with the success of the PS4 so much as they won't have 40m consoles to sell in the first year and a lot less people have the money right now in certain regions.

Killer73nova274d ago

Pretty much to find any way to justify what Sony is going back on

morganfell274d ago

Can you show me where they said these games would not appear on the PS4? That would be a big help.

locomorales274d ago

They are just trying to justify something that needs to be criticized.

Psychonaut85274d ago

From a business standpoint makes perfect sense. But as a soon to be early adopter, I’m less thrilled about it. For some games it doesn’t matter much, but for something that’s trying to innovate, like R&C: A Rift Apart, that’s what I want to see. Games that take advantage of the features of the next Gen (like the SSD) hope the cross gen sh!t doesn’t last too long.

Duke19274d ago


Cross platform on Ps is great
Cross platform on Xbox is garbage

I personally think cross platform is not ideal regardless of the implementation, but I get it. That said the "Sony can do no wrong" takes on the internet are tiresome

EazyC274d ago

I don't get it, are these guys just extremely young or something? I mean, I've only bought a Sony console since like the PS3 but I'm sick of this sycophantic attitude.

If the company does something wrong, call them out on it, for Christ's sake! This site has had a wackadoo amount of Sony bias in its community for several years now but even so....

Asuka274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

They gotta be young. I mean love whatever box you buy, right? It's your money. But when someone's giving you the runaround, especially a multibillion-dollar company, you probably should be telling them to screw off instead of kissing their ass. They're not doing you any favors. But that's just me 🤷‍♂️

sinspirit274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Really? The XBox One had the most grossly loyal fanbase on this site for years now. There is absolutely no defence for the XBox One this generation. Some very loyal users even quit after the Halo Infinite showcase and had left for weeks after they had no more excuses left for the poor quality and misguidance of MS studios after all this time, and still have hardly any game releases for another couple years.

Fanboys on both sides are bad. One side simply has a larger fanbase, common sense. Don't join a useless fanboy fight by pointing blame and hypocrite fingers when both sides neglect their consoles criticisms that they find for the competitor. No side is any less or more toxic in attitude. But, one thing that really angered me this generation was the insane excuses and lack of care for games from XBox justifiers. At the end of the day, games have always mattered, and even now it's always wait till x and y come out. You never get back time, and I'm not spending my favorite lifelong hobby peddling PR statements for either side. I see results from Sony, and Nintendo. MS is still a major work in progress. They have the materials but they still need to build something great.

Obz274d ago

Have to be kids. No way adults are this childish.

SyntheticForm274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

I'm more of a PlayStation guy in terms of enthusiasm for first party; believe me nobody's more excited about the new God of War than me.

That said, how is this blind eye toward Sony releasing new games on their old console anything other than hypocrisy? This huge sin committed by Microsoft has now been committed by Sony, but it's somehow not the same?

I'm just saying, let's be honest and boil both eggs.

oof46274d ago

Great. Now I want an egg sandwich.

SyntheticForm274d ago

I literally just had an egg sandwich on toasted French bread.

FlavorLav01274d ago

It’s not the same, do a graphics/gameplay comparison between the Craig(Halo) trailer and Miles Morales, they are both cross-gen titles, but they’re also miles apart(pun intended) in the those departments. One was in dire need of big delay, the other is ready for day one release. I wish Sony’s intentions were more forward but at least they didn’t show up with products that look like boo boo, and it was done to Xbox’ primary mascot. Different levels of screw up here, but that’s just my opinion