Microsoft’s Bethesda purchase is an Xbox Series X victory before next gen even begins

Microsoft officially kickstarted its transition into the next generation of Xbox consoles a few months back, but no day since has compared to the past 24 hours, arguably one of the most significant in Xbox history.

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AngelicIceDiamond37d ago

It is a win. Though I can see MS doing exclusive content for games like Elder Scrolls 6 leaving out PS gamers. If the game is multiplat of course. If that's the case they might as well make it exclusive to Xbox and PC. Instead of potentially screwing over PS gamers.

shepherdzeMan36d ago

hahaha suddenly playstation fans are now calling Bethesda games bad , whereas one week ago they were calling it the best due to tokyo and deathloop being timed exclusive .

gobluesamg36d ago

What are talking about like 3 or 4 PS fans you've seen do this. Most are saying that this is a huge pickup for xbox but won't sway them to get one. I think most of us just hope that we can still play fallout and elder scrolls games on PS going forward.

AngelicIceDiamond36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I'm just staying. you really think MS is gonna spread the content fairly and evenly on PS? Sony even talked to Bethesda in making Starfield a timed exclusive before MS bought them. I can see MS doing this to spite PS. Not so much the owners themselves but the buissness side of Sony. (Of course PS owners will undoubtedly feel it)

NEXUS-636d ago

shep - they're 100% bad in my eyes, I don't look at DOOM as a Bethesda game, same with id Tech.

Remember Pete Hines's crocodile tears when people called them out, Todd Howard on record - It just works - 16x the detail - $100 yearly subscription for a broken mess of a game.

Yep - Bethesda are bad.

outsider162436d ago

Lol what! I never saw any of that. Infact most ps gamers were shocked and also called it a huge move. I for one applaud them for it.

As for bethesda being bad...well, their games do tend to be full of bugs and glitches.

shepherdzeMan36d ago

sure guys but when they were announced as time exclusive for ps5 , there were no bugs !!!! hahahah
Ooooh man the pain you guys must be having , ufffff

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FallenAngel198437d ago

It’s funny to see Master Chief and Doomguy now owned by the same company

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purple10137d ago

Keep your buggy games to themselves. Great news for playstation fans all-round.

Slow-going fallout and elder scrolls. Enjoy.

BillyG0AT37d ago

You do realize they will make more games, right? You think they just paid 7.5bil for the games that are already out?

Chris1237d ago

Muhaha, that salt. Less games for Playstation is great news for Playstation gamers? You guys are hilarious.

DiRtY36d ago

ouch, it still burns, doesn't it?

Elder Scrolls
The Evil Within

Can't deny that these are some crazy IPs to own.

enkiduxiv36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

As good and Dishonored and Prey are, I doubt we will see anymore of them. They didn’t make any money. That’s why Arcane is working on Deathloop.

Also, I notice that no one wants to put the Rage series on this list. I guess we are okay with forgetting that one.

blackblades37d ago

WTF not really, only thing I care for is dishonored and how they speaking is Sony still going to get a selected few. It's huge news but not a victory. Besides ms said they aint playing the console wars anymore.

TheProfessional36d ago

Hahaha riiight. So because you "only like dishonored" all of those other multi-million selling, hugely popular game series (except Prey) are irrelevant. Got it

Shane Kim36d ago

No one said that. He said HE didn't care for other games except for Arcane games. I actually agree with him. Last good Fallout was the 2D games and Elder Scrolls was Oblivion imo.

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