The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 support won't change despite Microsoft purchase

ZeniMax Online Studios director Matt Firor says "ESO will continue to be supported exactly as it was"

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LordoftheCritics62d ago

Good on Zenimax and MS for maintaining status quo. I believe all ongoing Zeni games should continue as is.
Future games are up to MS and that is to be expected.

CorndogBurglar62d ago

MS spent 7.5 billion to buy Zenimax. They will want to start making that money back asap and the best way to do that is to keep their games on as many platforms as they can. Otherwise they would be losing out on a lot of potential sales. 7.5 billion is nothing to scoff at and will take a while to make back.

Now, once they make that back I could see them going the MS exclusive route. But who knows? Its still a lot of money to miss out on.

LordoftheCritics62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Its not straight up invest and money back exact amount. 7.5 bil is to expand and have reach. Its more like make few hundred bill in the long run. Its not a quick money back scheme. Ms can do quick money back in any other sector. This is for a long term gain.

Theres a lot to study in this gamepass model and quite a lot is happening and this is one of the moves.

Phoenix7662d ago

Well... Of course it won't change.
Agreements were made long before MS brought Zenimax. Any changes now would require costly legal changes and renegotiations with Sony over the terms of service and other stuff. So really wouldn't make any sense.

Gameseeker_Frampt61d ago

The important part of the message is "the platforms currently supported" which doesn't include the PS5 since that hasn't released yet. While I'll still play ESO on my PS4, I cannot justify spending any more money on it knowing that there is a strong possibility in the future for the game support to be terminated or that there will no longer be a balanced approach to content release to the platforms. Nothing any of the corporate heads can say will stop my concerns since none of these press releases are actual legal documents that hold them to what is written.

Mr_Luke61d ago

In theory ESO will be on PS5, unless they change that at the last minute:

Gameseeker_Frampt61d ago

I suspect that the game will initially be supported on PS5 but that will slowly wind down once Microsoft takes full control. In the past when MS and Bethesda worked together on Skyrim, PS players had to wait an entire year to get the DLC and 6 months just to get a decent patch to fix the lag. Compare that with ESO where even though Sony had the advertising rights for the game the only advantage that PS players got in 5 years was the exclusive Frisky Srib pet for preordering Morrowind through the PS Store. I do not expect both platforms to continue to receive equal treatment going forward.