Quantum Error Announced for Xbox Series X On Top of PS5 and PS4

Today Teamkill Media revealed had news to share about its upcoming “Cosmic Horror” game Quantum Error.

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Battlestar23982d ago (Edited 982d ago )

At this rate is there any reason to buy a PS5 since i have a PS4 and all their 1st party games seem to be cross gen.

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Father__Merrin982d ago

Not all of them and that will dwindle down very soon let's wait untill release and compare the games for yourself the Ps5 versions will be vastly superior in every way the features and benifits far out way hanging on

ssj27982d ago

You will get one eventually anyways why not now. If you are fan souls games demons souls i the only truly next generation coming to any console or pc. There is no game with such a value and fidelity until probably ranche&C drops then maybe Re8? Idk what other truly nextgen only there is, Godfall? But if you aren't interested on souls games and don't care about not having no loadings then yeah you can wait over a year there is nothing interesting jet i have a feeling Returb, GT7 and GOWR, are also current generation. And this are coming 2021

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Sunny_D982d ago

Yes, because there are still many only PS5 games that will eventually come out. Demon Souls alone is the best looking game and that is only PS5. Let's not forget the PS5 version will be the best version of these games. Seems like Sony devs know how to do cross gen games right.

AKS982d ago

Demon's Souls is currently the big draw for me. I also have a lot of PS4 games that would benefit from the extra power, particularly VR games.

PC/ PS5 is going to cover most of what I'd want to play.

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