Xbox Buying Bethesda Isn't a Monopoly, Legal Expert Says

Xbox is buying ZeniMax Media which includes studios like Bethesda and Arkane, but this won't break antitrust laws a lawyer says.

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TheColbertinator39d ago

Monopoly does not apply to this at all. Sony took the L today and that's all she wrote.

enkiduxiv39d ago

Yeah, soon Microsoft will be bathing in all those Fallout 76 and Elder Scrolls Blades dollars.

RpgSama39d ago

Agree, this deal happened because Bethesda it's not the company it was on last generation, taking Doom out which is amazing, they've had blunder after blunder with Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Blades, Wolfenstein Young Blood, which are some of the worst, most hated games of the generation

On top of that commercial failures like the last Dishonored, Rage, The Evil Within 2 (which I loved).

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Mulando39d ago

Monopoly ... who thought that. The markets are full of big publishers.
There is still, EA, Activision, Ubi, Square, ....

Rude-ro39d ago

Well... monopoly and Microsoft go together like peanut butter and jelly...
No, this is not a monopoly situation in short... but after 20 years of being in the gaming world... and their track record..
One does wonder.

Ju39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

There are, but there is no reason, why those can't be sold as well. I think this deal sets a precedence that might lead to more of such purchasers and we simply don't have any regulations. Heck, the gaming industry is the least regulated industry of all (other than the age rating on games). There was a time, where deals like that would have been regulated. But that probably ended with Bell of all. Over capitalized mega corporations are not the consumers best friend. No matter how they want to sell that.

Ju39d ago

Still, I would not mind if platform owner would be limited to the amount of studios they can own. That should apply for any one, incl. Sony.

kneon39d ago

Sorry but that is ridiculous. No sane government would place such a restriction on a company

Every acquisition should just go through the same level of scrutiny that it does in every other industry.

Ju38d ago

I would think this is not correct. There are anti trust regulations and laws which do exactly that. Making sure that acquisition do not end up in a monopoly and anti competitive behavior where acquisitions at a certain level are reviewed. Imagine if Bell would have one back in the day. No cell phones as we know it. Lately this is often neglected by politics and surrendered to mega corporations, though.

ZeroBlue239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Yeah, not much of an L. Apart from Doom, Bethesda has released mostly trash for years now. I guess games like Fallout 76 fit right into the Xbox model though.

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Nanas39d ago

No shit it's not a monopoly?

"1+1 is not 5, mathematician says"

RememberThe35739d ago

Who's disagreeing? Who thought this was a monopoly and why? In no shape or form was this approaching anything monopolistic. Bathesda is big but not THAT big. If they would have bought Acti and Square? Than sure we can start to talk, but even then that's not a majority market share. Being a big company doesn't make you a monopoly.

kneon39d ago

There are still too many publishers out there for this to even get on the radar of the monopoly busters. Perhaps if we were down to the last two independent publishers and Microsoft or Sony tried to buy one then they might have a look. And still I would expect it to get approved.

TheProfessional39d ago

What a joke article, if those corporate scum at Disney can own ABC, fox, marvel, star wars, etc. without any issues then why would this even be considered?

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GzusKreist39d ago

WOW, i didnt know Bethesda makes every single game on the market and now Xbox owns them? TOTAL MONOPOLY!!!!

Rachel_Alucard39d ago

This article seems to be responding to a bunch of angry fan comments rather then something the author thinks. I'm not surprised people would jump to the end state in response to this.

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