Succubus interview with Madmind Studio - Succubus, Agony, Paranoid, and thoughts on censorship

"just recently I sat down with Tomasz Dutkiewicz (the CEO and founder of Madmind Studio) from Madmind Studio and we ended up talking about everything from the upcoming release of "Succubus", the success story behind "Agony", Madmind Studio's brand-new game project ("PARANOID") to Tomasz thoughts on censorship at large." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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Simon_the_sorcerer38d ago

I really enjoyed this interview, so thanks for making this one happen!

TGG_overlord38d ago

Thank you =) And I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview ;) I got more interviews coming up shortly!

TGG_overlord38d ago

I'm really glad to hear it :3

CrimsonWing6938d ago

Hey, i'll give the game a shot. I'm definitely into supporting games that push the envelope.

TGG_overlord38d ago

Very much so, and I hope that you will enjoy the game if you give it a chance ;)