Why Xbox Buying Bethesda Makes A Lot of Sense

With the news that Microsoft has purchased ZeniMax Media, here is why it makes a ton of sense, especially for the Xbox brand.

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Silly gameAr34d ago

A few months ago, something like this would have been considered anti-consumer.

NeoGamer23234d ago

Why would buying a developer be considered anti-consumer.

Sony bought Insomniac? That wasn't anti-consumer. I am not sure in any of the development studio buy-outs if I have ever seen someone say they are anti-consumer.

When a first party buys studios it is natural fans of the other first parties will be disappointed.

SpaceRanger34d ago

Wait... I guess everyone forgot about Fallout 76 and how it was presented as Bethesda’s next step in how they develop games?

Oh it’s cool now and doesn’t matter? Okay, cool

xTonyMontana34d ago

It doesn't necessarily mean much to the Xbox brand.. it just reinforces my belief that PS5 and PC with a little Switch on the side is the way to go for the next five or so years. It's a big deal for Microsoft but not Xbox specifically.

Zhipp34d ago

Isn't Xbox just what ms are calling their entire grabbing division now?

NeoGamer23234d ago

Really this is a big thing for GamePass and xCloud.

I for one didn't by Doom Eternal yet. Can't wait to play that!

And now all future games from all those studios will be day one on GamePass.

Pancit_Canton34d ago

not really, unless Zenimax are bleeding money and financially in troubled. Poor sales of Fallout 76, Dishonored 2, and Wolfenstien: Young Blood.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen34d ago

I saw somewhere that Microsoft began talks with Bethesda in 2017-2018.