Playstation 5 Ordering Chaos, Black Ops Alpha Skewedcast

This week Skewed and Reviewed look at new Home video and headset releases, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha, The PS5 ordering chaos and more.
1:18 WB DC Legends of Tomorrow 5th season Blu-ray / Turtle Beach Stealth 700
3:30 Call of Duty : Black Ops : Cold War multiplayer alpha
8:10 Sony Playstation 5 system release and pre-orders

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philm87205d ago

I'm surprised about this chaos for preorders. I signed up for information about preorders on Amazon (UK), and got an email saying exactly when it went live, and preordered it easy. There were loads of websites doing the same thing.

Garethvk205d ago

I had tons of credit on Amazon and could not get one there and had to go with Best Buy. I was going to use Amazon credits to buy Best Buy Gift Cards and Best Buy told me they could not be added. Yesterday I got my son a Series S. I could not get Amazon to go. I had one in the cart at Target and one with MS. The Target one crashed when I hit pay but the MS one went through. So chaos abounded on that.

philm87204d ago

Sounds like there may have been a lot more problems in the US than the UK then, that sucks.

Garethvk204d ago

Luckily it all worked out. The Amazon credit is still there so we have options going forward but it was a mess.