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From Cinelinx:

Over the weekend, the gaming community had a taste of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War when the Alpha released. Two of our writers, Dustin and S0LEB were part of the community that checked out the Alpha and both came away with differing opinions.

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onemanwolfp4kv237d ago

I feel like i side more with Dustin on this. I did not play the Alpha, only watched gameplay. But what i saw i wasnt thrilled for like i was with MW. Im not saying this game should be MW with the Cold War label but it seems that things people enjoyed about MW may be taken away from this COD. I do hope they adjust the audio. As far as the maps im all for variations but i did enjoy the verticality of some of the MW maps, not saying they were all great bc they werent, but i do enjoy more than the old 3 lane maps.