Introducing Our Launch Line-up of Next-gen Xbox Accessories, Coming November 10


On November 10, we’re jumping into the next generation of gaming with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. To ensure the most optimal next-gen gaming experience, we’ve created a new lineup of Xbox accessories, developed with you, the gamer, in mind.

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MaximusTKG366d ago

I am the type of gamer who will buy all the consoles eventually. But more and more I feel like Microsoft is simply not trying. Basically no changes to their controller, which I was never a gigantic fan of, and then the Bethesda thing. Instead of working to improve they simply buy out other people’s work so they can call it their own and eventually turn those IP’s into Halo (I.e. used to be good but they also stopped trying). Or, like, the controller, pass off last gen tech with a couple extra teraflops added. Odd business decisions

thornh366d ago

Because MS is transitioning into a services company. They don't really care if you buy their console. They're trying to monopolize the games side and really don't care where you play the games as long as you subscribe to Game Pass. I'll say it again today. MS loves money and they love using acquisitions and partnerships to get their crap products in every household. They have all this money to throw around because we're all STUCK with Windows as the operating system on the vast majority of PCs.

Shane Kim366d ago

This is MS philosophy right now. Creating software for their subscription service. I fear Sony will go the same path eventually. Soon enough they will sell you something like an Apple TV for 50-60 bucks and you'll stream games to it. I just hope it wont be like tv where every publisher has its own service.

EazyC366d ago

Ironically I've heard this touted as a pro-consumer move, which I find to be very myopic when considering the long-term implications.

keegamer80366d ago

I enjoy Microsoft. They don't have a monopoly on the games. Sony has just as many studios as Microsoft. Plus they said publicly they're going to honor the deals Bethesda made with Sony. I honestly don't think they're going to keep the new games away from Sony. The Playstation brand wouldn't be what it is without Microsoft. Competition is a great thing.

Tacoboto366d ago

It would be nice for there to be updates to haptics and tension like the DualSense controller, but as it is...

"They simply buy out other people’s work so they can call it their own".... *looks at Marvel's Spider-Man with sustained side-eye* *looks at the FFXVI exclusivity* *looks at the GTA Online bribery*

"But more and more I feel like Microsoft is simply not trying." *looks at the $7.5 billion cash sale* *looks at auto-HDR* *looks at collection of still-playable discs from 2001+* *looks at Game Pass*

I've got my PS5 Disc Version on pre-order and will forego on the XSX until 2021 sometime, but being a cynic is pretty lame. Especially when the company you're insulting is giving away so much for so little, and the company you don't mention can't even respect their customers enough to give existing customers an enhancement of their *best selling game EVER* as a courtesy.

lonewolfjedi366d ago

and they still won't include a rechargeable [ack with the controller