Xbox Acquiring Bethesda is Nothing Short of Seismic

Xbox just dropped huge news by announcing the acquisition of Bethesda. Here's why it's the biggest video game news of the year in 2020.

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EasilyTheBest1103d ago

Holy Crap. Microsoft managed to get an Infinity Stone!

roadkillers1103d ago

Which one? Is it the time stone because they can go back and place all Bethesdas older titles on Gamepass?

ClayRules20121103d ago


That’d be pretty awesome if that’s the case. I look forward to seeing what they’re gonna do next and either of those would be amazing!

MWH1103d ago

that's the Soul stone, if managed properly.

ClayRules20121103d ago

I don’t think Sony should fork over that much for Square. No thank you.

1103d ago
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umair_s511103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

PlayStation have been hit hard. MS have gone all in with their heaps of cash and have set themselves up for success. They now have the cheapest console, the most powerful console, day one first party games on game pass, xcloud streaming, a partnership with EA, rights to Bethesda portfolio, backwards compatibility, and the existing Xbox game studios. The days they were they laughed at are behind them. They are in the console war and they are here to win.

Army_of_Darkness1103d ago

This is definitely a big deal, but Sony is still good. They just need too keep doing what they're doing with their first party.

Kaedro1102d ago

Wow, gonna need a senzu bean for that burn.

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ClayRules20121103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

And Sony will acquire a more promising and special Infinity Stone “Bluepoint” which will gracefully destroy that other Infinity Stone known as Bethesda.

I kid, I just thought I’d be fun to add that in there, that’s all. I know it’s a BIG deal that Microsoft did this. And Bluepoint are small and so forth. But I’d love to see this happen in a sense, in another reality😂🤪

Miraak82 1103d ago

Hmmm if Sony ever acquired Fromsoft they'd get the Soul Stone ....... get it haha ... but for real that would be like woah

goldwyncq1103d ago

Next week: Sony acquires Ubisoft.

jerethdagryphon1103d ago

I have the feeling that demons souls remake is blueprints job application to make the next darksouls or blood Bourne game

LordoftheCritics1103d ago

Bethesda's games have a much much larger audience. Gigantic sales is an understatement. Just ignore Fallout 76, that was an abomination.

This acquisition is a bloody nuke.

Lore1103d ago

Sony should fork over 5 billion for Square Enix

Diver1103d ago

acquisition aint no nuke. you cant spend 7.5 billion, giveaway games on gamepass then ignore the playstation audience. this wont be no diff than minecraft. alert alert minecraft adding psvr support this week. this gonna be the same. peeps that act like this is the end are just so desperate for something to believe in. theyll scream tomorrow how the xbox sold out even though scalpers were fully ready and stores like my local gamestop only got 6 xbox preorders which is half of the 12 they got for ps5.

CaptainHenry9161103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Sony should acquire Capcom and get Resident Evil, and Devils may Cry, and SF and so on. Not Ubisoft

anubusgold1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

@goldwyncq Ubisoft has been fighting a hostile take over for 6 years now i dont think they are interested in selling out.

MajorLazer1103d ago


No chance. A remake is very different from creating a brand new game. Only From can do new souls/borne experiences, they are the masters.

MajorLazer1103d ago

Some people live in their own little world and think this is anything more than business. Sony aren't going to throw around billions just to score brownie points or "get one over on MS" as some have been saying. Some on Reddit went even further and said Sony should acquire Take Two, a company worth 20% of the entirety of Sony 🙄😶

FyBy1103d ago

This is really huge. Now its first time I think MS can aquire enough subscribers so gamepass can be maybe sometime in distant future profitable. If that happens, theres no way back.

1102d ago
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ClayRules20121103d ago


Hahahahaha! Yes, I totally get that!

I just wanna refer to these dev studios at Infinity Stones from now on😁 Sony could be Dr. Strange / Microsoft could be Loki😂we all know how that went🤦🏼‍♂️But Microsoft really wants to be “The ONE ABOVE ALL.

ClayRules20121103d ago


Hahahahaha! Yes, I totally get that. Love it. We need acquire that darn Soul Stone haha. From now on I just wanna refer to dev studios as different Infinity Stones😜

Sony - On the phone with other studios Microsoft, they’ve done it, they’ve acquired the first Infinity Stone😱Lets assemble all we can/get your friends from other studios. We will not only collect ALL other Infinity Stones, but we will reach WHITE PHOENIX OF THE CROWN before Microsoft acquires all the stones and becomes ONE ABOVE ALL”

YES! They receive a call from Ubisoft

End conversation

Ubisoft - Well, I’d be our pleasure to help you come one step closer to acquiring all those Infinity Stones, and since we’re a rare and unique Stone ourselves

“Sony CEO annoyed just rolls his eyes over the phone at that comment”

SONY - You most certainly are

Ubisoft - We accept your offer! Now, how will we be making this transaction? Would you like to

SONY - CEO’s heard enough of that nonsense, he just wants ALL the Stones


1103d ago
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SpeedDemon1103d ago

Now they need to make some kind of cross over fighting games using all their IP's.

porkChop1103d ago

That would actually be really cool. Corvo, Doom Slayer, BJ, Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Agent from Crackdown, BoS soldier, etc. They could do a fighting game or even some kind of hero shooter.

kehavag7881103d ago

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Sirk7x1103d ago

I could see them being added to Killer Instint or Mortal Kombat.

2cents1103d ago

I want to see Doom guy and Master Chief Duke it out, then have some cold beers after, lol.

Ghostbob1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

They would need to work together to try and take down Kratos & Atreus and fail badly 👎

fr0sty1103d ago

There would be no after... Doom Guy would rip MC's intestines out and use them as a clothesline.

anubusgold1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

@fr0sty All 1st gen Spartans have armored bones lol made from Ceramic armored plates lol.