Every developer under Xbox Game Studios and the games they’re working on

Microsoft dropped a bombshell on the video game industry this week by announcing the $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media. With this new acquisition, 23 studios are now a part of the Xbox Game Studios roster. Here's everything they're working on.

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RgR856d ago

As much as xbox was a let down this gen and how much I dislike the buying of well established developers, xbox does own a good number of quality devs now.

RgR856d ago

I played and beat it. Not sure you're point?

chiefJohn117856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Xbox look set
Not a huge fan of gear so I hope coalition work on something else. I would love for them to reboot perfect Dark and have the initiative work on a new ip

gamer7804856d ago

Rumor is third person perfect dark. I hope that’s true.

Bruh856d ago

At 23 First Party studios, they are head and shoulders above Nintendo and Sony in the sheer number of people they have making video games. For reference Sony has 13 and Nintendo has about 6

Exciting to see what the next ES and what Starfield is gonna look like

porkChop856d ago

They have more studios than Sony and Nintendo combined. That's nuts.

medman856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

That is insane. Here's hoping they can produce quality with those 23 and not just quantity. This upcoming gen is looking delicious.

--Onilink--856d ago

Its also interesting to note that Arkane, BGS and iD actually have multiple studio locations, usually working on different things, so the number is technically higher

Bruh856d ago

Very true, not to mention iD has a single tech team that fully fledged on just working on improving iD Tech

chronoforce856d ago

I hope they can make games that are as good as the other 2. They have the talent but only MS can turn what should be a victory into embarrassing defeat.

RgR856d ago

Guess they weren't kidding about investing in 1st party

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sampsonon856d ago

Can't wait to play them on my pc.

FanboySpotter856d ago

You seem bothered by something. Your past comments mention PC a lot. Insecurity? Or pretending to have a pc to let xbox fanboys know you're not hurt about some games potentially not going on your preferred console in the future?

sampsonon856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

I have a capable pc. Problem? does that bother you for some reason? I am glad MS is putting their games on pc. I am a ps and pc gamer so i get the best of both worlds.
Oh?! You're upset because i don't need to buy an xbox in order to enjoy their games.
Sorry about that.
Take care

856d ago
RaLgEs856d ago

PC MuStArD rIce... derp!!

telgou855d ago

Seems like the studios are doing fine, except for Bethesda of course.