Xbox Game Pass subscribers jump 50 percent to 15 million in less than six months

It’s another sign that Microsoft’s Game Pass bet is starting to pay off.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro1392d ago

I went through the entire Game Pass PC catalog and there are right now around 90 games there I want to play. For me, Game Pass is absolutely fantastic. Especially since I play a game, finish it, and move to the next one. I don't care about replaying games.

LordoftheCritics1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Im playing FF15 right now and started Gears Tactics. I would have never touched a tactics style game ever but wow Gears Tactics is sexy af.

Totally, thats what I do lately as well. Play a game quick, move on. I like the new habit. I get to eat everything.

Wikkid6661392d ago

I have a backlog of games and then add Game Pass on top of my games.... Game Anxiety

itsmebryan1392d ago

I never understood the' Xbox has no games' rant. My backlog said different.

Kurisu1392d ago

I'll be jumping on Game Pass when I've got a Series S. I'm looking forward to playing Alan Wake and Forza Horizon 4. I've never owned an Xbox so there are a lot of games that I'd like to try that I missed from only ever owning a PlayStation.

CWheatley1392d ago

I'm in the same boat. The Series S is looking more and more like a great first Xbox console for me, as well as a fine counterpart to my PS5 and Switch.

As long as I have enough spare time between PS5 exclusives, Game Pass seems like a worthwhile investment.

Exciting times ahead.

Sirk7x1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Alan Wake is basically a playable Stephen King novel. Fantastic game. And goddam, does it need a sequel.

Gardenia1392d ago

It's because of Corona and people sitting at home for months. Things like PS Now, Netflix and Disney+ also have a huge increase in subscriptions lately.

LordoftheCritics1392d ago

Nahhh it kicked off last year with Gears of War 5 and then Outer Worlds. That thing was on fire last winter. Was a great launch. Corona is a boost for every aspect of home entertainment. This is long run habit creation.

northpaws1392d ago

I am just curious, how many month of subscription will you be paying to play all that 90 games.

Truplaya1388d ago

I paid £1 to upgrade my Xbox live then it’s been free since then thanks to the rewards program

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waverider1392d ago

Nope, right now isnt great, because its the start of next gen and gamers want new games, but thats why microsoft made that huge deal. To have new stuff day one on gamepass. They must do this kind of buyout. Services need new games and thats hard at the start of a new gen. Maybe they will even get more studios.

NeoGamer2321392d ago

Your comment makes zero sense.

The logic is essentially, that a new generation requires new games.

But, that logic is not followed even by a company like Sony who is putting new games on not only PS5 but also on PS4.

waverider1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

nope, when you get a service you want new games. That why you buy the service. Not to play old games. Something to show off your new console. What sony did is allow the 120 millions player to have acess to blockbuster games. Its impossible to all those gamers get a PS5..... this way they will make billions and allow to make more games. You get gamepass and without new games for your next gen console? That doesnt make sense. Getting more studios will get more games.

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NeoGamer2321392d ago

I have been on gamepass since its inception. I already can't keep up with the new games it has that I want to play. All this will do is make my backlog even worse. LOL.

I won't drop my gamepass subscription anytime soon because it is providing me a ton of games and they are both quality and quantity. I will buy a next gen console when I think they are worth it. Right now whether you are a sony or MS or both fan I don't see these new consoles as worth it. I certainly won't buy a PS5 to play Demon Souls (which I played thru on PS3). And I won't buy a XB Series console because there aren't any real next gen games even with this acquisition.

BillyG0AT1392d ago

I think you're just jaded and stuck in this repetetive fanboy cycle, like a lot of people on this website. There's hundreds of millions of gamers out in the world who do not feel the same way you do. Infact, the viewpoints of people like you are a massive minority.
Also, are you really gonna sit there online and tell a trillion dollar business how it should run itself? Come on now.

waverider1392d ago

Nope. Just giving my opinion. Thats my viewpoint. Thats why Microsoft just got 15 millions. That why Microsoft just spent 7.5 billions. If things were going like they wanted, then they wouldnt spent 7.5 billions. Thats more the disney payed for marvel (4 billions). They already got more new 8 studios and even so they got more studios. Do you even know how much time will take for them to make 7.5 billions in profit?

hulk_bash19871392d ago

Gamepass is a great value, it gives gamers access to past/existing games they have not had a chance to play or even wish to revisit.

Manic20141392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

This is pretty interesting, 15 million subs = $225 million in monthly revenue (est) so far. If Gamepass is supported with the right content, support and stable growth + user retention - this will be a massive success.

Early signs point's it being incredible so far.

No wonder MS see value in investing $7.5 billion in Bethesda

LordoftheCritics1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

If 1 billion gave 1$, that would be epic as well. Thats why MS is going for reach as well. Biggest reach right now is phones and windows.

MS is now committing 100% into PC, XBOX and xcloud for that reason.

waverider1392d ago

Nope, right now they arent making money. They already told that. They need much more subscription and all at 9.99. Right now thats not the reality because you could get at one bucks and many have use that. In the future when its only available at 9.99 and gets bigger, then they will start to make money. Right now they just want you to have gamepass and see how cool it is.

Manic20141392d ago

That's why i wrote (Est) - likely figure is around $130m to $160m my guess.

I think you mean they are not making any profit as of yet - this is obvious. Gamepass has only recently begun to grow. Like any service or product, it's an investment with profit to be generated over a long term.

Either or investment is based on projections and right now it's indicating to be a great success, hence the investment.

CYALTR1391d ago

Everyone talks about the $1 subscriptions. You know that is an intro offer. When they first launched they were pretty loose with it because they were just looking to add users, but you can't stack them like you used to. My younger brother worked for Paypal as a start up. To get people to set up an account they gave you $5 in your account. You could transfer it to your bank, spend it online (very little e-commerce at the time) or actually keep it and earn interest!! Netflix did, and still does the same thing. My point is that offering a loss leader in order to attract clients is just part of client acquisition costs. I would be interested to know what their retention percentage is on their trial memberships and if they even include trials in their membership numbers.

Either way, they are putting big money behind it and have the ability to put more up if needed. It works for me, but I understand if it doesn't work for everyone. If you don't like it, don't buy it, but for me, it's worth the money.

yomfweeee1392d ago

I'd bet you'd be hard pressed to find anyone really paying $15 a month. Microsoft is not making money off of GP currently, they said it themselves.