4 Things Microsoft Buying Bethesda Means for Gamers

Author writes: "Microsoft has just announced its massive $7.5 billion acquisition of Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Game Studios."

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Marquinho30d ago

It means Xbox Game Studios is now officially the house of the BIG RPGs.

pwnmaster300030d ago

I think that was there goal. I remember reading that somewhere.

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darthv7230d ago

Their interest in WB had to go somewhere when ATT pulled out of selling. Guess Spencer had to spend that $$ since it was already allocated for a big purchase.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

All they need is Larian and Spiders to own basically every known western RPG dev.

Obsidian doesn't really qualify anymore.

BlackIceJoe30d ago

I'd have liked to have seen Spiders bought by a big publisher, but unfortunately they were bought buy Big Ben Studios, who said they want to keep them as an AA developer, instead of helping them become an AAA.

As for Larian that would be a big and great purchase. They in my opinion are do for great success very soon, that will make it so everyone knows their name.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago


Yeah, I've followed Spiders pretty much since War Logs. Talent has always been there, but they've definitely been learning over the years.
After Greedfall, I'd safely say that if you'd throw a large budget at them, they'd make something truly great. Not that Greedfall isn't already there, minus the smaller budget being worn in its sleeve.

As for Larian, those guys are top notch. If they were a first party, just write them a check and tell them to do what they want to do.

BlackIceJoe29d ago

I could see Sony try to buy Larian, but if Microsoft wanted to make a power move they'd buy them. This would also give Microsoft an in into this region of the world.

Another option would be to buy Topware Interactive and possibly peal off some talent from CD Project Red.

TheScotsman30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It's a great aqucistion for Xbox. But still they not announced any new games launching on series x at launch. Come on phil gameplay on series X please...... Doom eternal series x maxed out, come on phil give us fooking something

averagejoe2630d ago

ah yes, let's just forget about Persona, Final Fantasy, CD Projekt Red, etc.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

2 series, and one developer of western RPGs lol.

They now have access to Fallout, Wasteland, Pillars, Tyranny, Elderscrolls, Starfield, Outer Worlds, Avowed - and those are just the RPGs.

Be real, over the last year MS basically took ownership of the acclaimed studios making western RPGs, and they gave up on JRPGs a long time ago.

If they chose to buy Spiders and Larian, they'd basically own the Western RPG market, being Bioware is stepping their last foot in the grave.

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richiboss30d ago

For me it means that I will no longer buy Zenimax games!

monkey60230d ago

Availability could be an issue i guess.

I've bought everything Bethesda published this gen with the exception of Doom Eternal. I did plan to buy that soon however.

I wont lie, this news has sickened me. I was raging when MS bought Ninja Theory but I understood it. They were struggling and the buyout kept the doors open.

Bethesda however needed no financial help. Now a number of my favourite games might not be obtainable on my platform of choice. After years of fan support on my end.

When you look at Sonys studios they bought them after years of support and collaboration on projects that wouldnt be around had they not made the deal.

Microsoft just pulls out the cheque book and makes a financial flex. Potentially keeping existing IPs from another platform in the future. Its a dick move if they do it

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monkey60230d ago

Nice dig through my history there bud but I fail to see how that contradicts what I'm saying now 🤷

Yes I do have a PC, I dont find myself using it all that much. In fact I mostly just end up playing strategy games, sim builders and digital boardgames.

Same thing applies today as I said then. Playstation is my preferred platform and I have no intentions of buying an Xbox. This move just prevents me playing the games where I want to and locks my friends out entirely

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monkey60230d ago

Im not entirely sure you know what a contradiction is pal!

For me to contradict myself would be to say I'm not going to play these games on pc or I am buying an xbox. I've stated neither of those things

I've said the games have been taken from my preffered platform to play them on and a number of my friends who don't own an xbox or pc miss out entirely.

I have to call to question the phrase "this didn't age well" it seems its the cool thing to say now. As if situations aren't allowed to change anyway and people can't change their views depending on them.

4Sh0w30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

monkey that just sounds like a bunch of "me, me, me nonsense", Sony has bought studios to make exclusives for ps, everytime they acquire talent theres some lame excuse about them saving the industry or devs just love sony, when we all know the truth is sony gave them a check with enough 0's at the end. Microsoft just did the same, its a business...luckily Microsoft is the better consumer friendly brand that will more likely still share more of Bethesda games on ps, I imagine some new ips & games not started yet may be exclusive, if so thats better than Sony would allow if the shoe was on the other foot. Bottom line when it happens do what Xbox players do if they want to play a ps game, IF you want it , play it within Xbox ecosystem. I suspect Microsoft isnt done, Sony kind of poked the bear yrs back with some of their marketing shots at Microsoft, thing is Microsoft has much deeper pockets to fight back whenever they feel the need to do so.

monkey60230d ago

Me, me, me nonsense? What a crock of shit!
Of course my reply is based on my personal feelings. Im not going to go telling you how someone else feels am I? Its also well within reason for me to be frustrated by the news. I dont like the path a studio I'm well invested in is headed.

I've a past of congratulating studio acquisitions. Playground, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, among numerous others because those studios worked within those parameters previously. They had a history of exclusive games with the platform they've then signed onto.

I've spoken about how unfair it is to lock any kind of DLC to a multiplatform game onto one console

As I've said Bethesda wasn't in any financial difficulty and didn't require a bailout. Microsoft buying them is nothing but a power flex and inevitably just going to hurt a lot of fans

itsmebryan30d ago

What difference does that make? Zenimax worked with MS in the past so, why is it a problem. People complained about the lack of games. Now, they have over 20 studios and huge catalog. Now somehow they did it wrong.

They said they wanted to add value for their customers and they did. It's not there job to worry about the competitions customers. If you want these games come to the MS Eco system (Xbox and PC). Does Sony worry about Xbox owers when the guy third party title as exclusives? Or is it somehow different? Matter of fact Sony is now going to be paying MS for 2 of their timed exclusives to keep them off Xbox.

ColeMacGrath30d ago

It's already announced that the acquisition won't affect publishing on other platforms, so does that change your opinion of buying their games?

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Zodiac30d ago

*Yeessssss, mustn’t betray Master Sony, no no. Master will be proud of me* That’s you, that’s what you sound like.

TheRealTedCruz30d ago

They'll live without your purchase, I think.

Automatic7930d ago

Xbox now has a full deck of Shooters, Horror, Action RPGs, RTS, Racers and Action Adventure titles to provide gamers.

NEXUS-630d ago

Bethesda roster ain't that pretty right now - Dishonoured failed to gain traction - niche at best, Prey - same boat, The Evil Within - same boat, Skyrim - coming to a toaster in the near future, Fallout - the less said the better, halo - same boat, Elder Scrolls 6 - unknown, Stanfield- unknown.

While all of those games I portrayed negatively have potential to be great - thats a massive investment on potential.

The studios they acquired already covered this bases. I would've thought investing in them would've been better.

But at the end of the day what do I know.

itsmebryan30d ago

It's pretty enough to make Sony fans like monkey lose their minds. This is a $7.5 billion deal you are trying to downplay. Everyone but, you thinks this is a big deal. Smh

NEXUS-630d ago

You miss understand - I just think its a waste of money. As you said $7.5 Billion dollars - imagine what that could've done with a little thinking.

This is massive for ms - but will it stop Bethesda games being buggy messes?

Tedakin30d ago

They can put Elder Scrolls out first on XBox then later on PS5, and have some great exclusive only on the XBox version.

Rlancaster30d ago

yeah, I'm hoping they at least still put Elder Scrolls and Fallout on PS5 even if delayed

Sayai jin30d ago

I think those games will come to PS5. I am not sure if they will release at launch or a year later. I m pretty sure they will though. It is actually remarkable that those games and the massive Bethesda catalogue of games will be part of Game Pass. Maybe knew IPs may be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, but maybe not.

itsmebryan30d ago

I'm curious would you rather pay for a PS5 and $70 for each one of these games or $25 or $35 a month for a Xbox with all the games day one?

CaptainObvious87830d ago

If their next FO and ES games are still on their abysmal gamebro engine, not much will be lost if they don't

Long as scummy ms doesn't do another flew and buy cd project red...

Would be nice if they actually cultivated and grew their own studio instead of just throwing money around.

itsmebryan29d ago

Sony acquired about 10 studios in the last 20 years. Remember they just acquired Insomniac. They didn't cultivate them. Why is " Cultivating" important if in the end it gives their customers what they want.. Games.

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neomahi30d ago

It makes no difference for me, I'm not that into Bathesda. Sony needs to snap up that studio Ember Labs though, huge mistake if they don't, if Ember Labs will sell, they have a lot of talent and aren't expensive, like 7.8 billion.

Sayai jin30d ago

Ember Labs is a small game developer and Zenimax Studios, Bethesda Game Studios are a large game publisher with multiple studios. Of course Ember Labs will not cost nearly as much as that acquisition. I agree they look talented.

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