Bethesda Softworks Games Will Continue to be Self-Published

Bethesda Softworks games will continue to be published by Bethesda itself, Pete Hines has confirmed in a statement.

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RazzerRedux37d ago

So owned by Microsoft but still making multiplats? That is just weird.

pwnmaster300037d ago

That’s what I expect to be honest and that is such a smart move by MS.
Think about it, they just spent $7.5 billion on them. Why make exclusive games right now when you know ps fans will still buy Bethesda games. Smart way to gain back what they made fast.


Yup. It's the same thing they did with Minecraft. The fact that these games will be on Game Pass automatically makes the Xbox version the "best" version because you don't have to pay $60 or $70 to access it.

Microsoft are redefining what the term "exclusive" means. Even if these games are available on Playstation, you still get the best "deal" on that SAME game on the Xbox platform.

RazzerRedux37d ago


$7.5 billion? That's what they paid? lol....yeah, game pass sure isn't going to get that money back. Makes me wonder if Microsoft is starting to transition to more of a multiplat publisher than a platform owner overall. Time will tell.

SullysCigar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

LOGICWINS coming in with the spin..

Turning down the money from the PlayStation user base would make no sense. MS don't care about exclusives, they want return on investment and flat out revenue.

Not having the games on PlayStation would mean they'd just way over spent on this acquisition, because it would immediately wipe a huge chunk of value off of the ips.

Sometimes it's just about business, not getting a leg up over the competition (remember, they don't consider PlayStation competition, apparently) or console wars. Just money.

Edit: @RazzerRedux, yup, I said the same in the other thread. Multiplat publisher. They've done well from Minecraft alone, perhaps that whetted their appetite.

waverider37d ago

but it wont make them buy their consoles. Thats the power of exclusives. This is for gamepass. Nothing more.

darthv7237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I've been saying MS isnt the bad guy people seem to think. They never cut off a franchise from continuing to release on other systems. There will be certain games that will likely be exclusive (to PC/XB) but the existing ones will still be multiplat. Doom, Fallout, Elder Scrolls... so people need not worry.

Wrex36937d ago

While still giving your audience on Gamepass HUGE value.

crazyCoconuts37d ago

@sully, so do you think MS expects to IMPROVE Bethesda's profitability somehow, by improving their games or sales model? Typically that's where an investment like this pays off, since a company's existing profitability and IP value is built into the sale price, right?

remixx11637d ago


Bro you are really hard defining what a fanboy is I mean hot damn you almost pulled a muscle with that reach.

Yes we know game pass is a thing but your such a fanboy you still feel the need to try to find a way to spin MS is great into the equation.

Diver37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

man o man some of them early comments in other articles didnt age too well. an they can't short change the nonxbox platforms cause thats just going to drive down sales so all this talk about ms gettin the best version dont mean too much. look at minecraft. they still addded psvr support.

37d ago
Marquinho37d ago

I'm not sure about that. Those games will not go anywhere Microsoft doesn't want to.

It will be interesting to see some clarification.

SullysCigar37d ago

@darthv72, I really don't think this is about MS being good or bad. It would be stupid to pass up the opportunity to sell on PlayStation unless your goal was to drive your own console sales, which they've already stated is not their aim. This way they get more money.

@crazyCoconuts, totally, but what a horrible thought. You can either drive up quality to make more gamers want to buy it (not Microsoft's MO), or you use these franchises to drive subs, or you monetise via microtransactions (or some new way, like EA's revolutionary "surprise machanics" lol, heaven forbid). I guess we'll have to wait and see.

But Bethesda doesn't have the best track record on the monetising and honesty front, what with constant ports at high prices, horse armour-gate, claiming there will be no microtransactions before adding them in anyway once the game has been purchased. And then there was "16 times the detail", "it just works" and the special edition merchandise fiasco. Shady this past decade lol

Marquinho37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

"Will continue to be multiplatform in case by case basis"

Curiously, Bethesda's biggest IPs are huge in PC and Xbox... so I see why this decision has been taken. It's make sense to me to release only on those platforms in most cases.

** Realistically, the likelihood of Bethesda solely targeting Xbox/PC exclusives is quite high. "On a case-by-case basis" is a safe answer to give, so while consoles outside of Xbox and PC are possible for Bethesda, it probably isn't immediately in the cards.

Leading up to the release of the next-gen Xbox Series X, the purchase of ZeniMax Media is certainly a power-move by Microsoft. Although Sony's exclusive lineup looks solid for the launch of the PS5, acquiring Bethesda and its many cherished series is a smart move for the long-term. **

4Sh0w37d ago

Well its not surprising that would be the case for existing games already dev'd for ps. I do think some existing IP'S will move to exclusive for Xbox and definitely some new IP's . Mostly this makes GamePass a even more staggering value for Xbox gamers...Bethesda games $70 on ps3(Microsoft gets a cut) & its available day 1 to Xbox gamers at no extra cost. Wow!

ZeroBlue237d ago

It is smart, but is it a sustainable long term strategy? Are they providing enough incentive to buy their hardware? Is that even a priority anymore? They certainly seem to be carving out their own little market within the industry. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

RememberThe35737d ago

I think your right. MS can sit back and let Bathesda do Bathesda things and reap the profits all the while using hose games to promote their platforms and gain revenue from other platforms.

I like your idea that MS can simply own the value angle and there's really nothing Sony can do about it. MS can have the new Elder Scrolls on Gamepass day 1 and it'll be $70 on PS5. Playstation gamers who pay full price pad MS pockets and make GamePass look even better. Brilliant move by MS and there's really nothing Sony can do to counter it. I doubt they have the cash flow to buy up a publisher like this especially after the massive cost of launching a new console.

MS coming in with the "you can only win in the forth quarter" mentality. Go Hawks! 206!

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Silly gameAr37d ago

MS paid like 7.5 billion to get zenimax. Even though MS is worth a cool trillion, I'm sure they want to recoup that purchase back somehow, and all of those games being only on MS systems won't cut it.

It seems like it's a situation like when MS bought Mojang. They spent like a billion on them, but probably already made that money back, and then some, because they kept Minecraft multiplatform.

Marquinho37d ago

I see a lot of PS Fans wishing Bethesda IPs to remain Multiplatform. I can understand that... it's a gargantuan lose on PS library otherwise... however, Bethesda isn't Mojang. Minecraft was everywhere from mobiles to PC and consoles before its purchase. Bethesda makes Hardcore games which userbase are mainly on PC and consoles, so I wouldn't hold my hopes high on making most of them land on Playstation.

mkis00737d ago

Its exactly what this means. Its pretty clear by the self publishing.

37d ago
Silly gameAr37d ago


Sure man. MS spent 7.5 billi because they think they can move that much on their consoles and PC alone.

Don't fool yourself. Doesn't matter how much money you have or what your company is worth. No one likes losing money. btw, I'm not a big Fallout or Elder Scroll fan, so that's a meh for me, but Doom and Wolfenstien are different stories.

Zhipp37d ago

I'm sure Bethesda will put out an exclusive here and there, but the lion's share of their titles -- and all the big ones -- are gonna be multiplatform. I guarantee it. The big thing this does for Xbox gamers is it basically guarantees Gamepass will have strong AAA support.

PhiberFrenzy37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Microsoft makes US$7.8 Billion a year. As much as this deal looks like a pain to recuperate on those terms alone it's really not. They'll make this money back through interest by next September on a $trillion alone.

Edito36d ago


I never bought a Bethesda Game in my entire life as a gamer... last time I played Doom was Doom 3 on PC, Wolfenstein last time I remember was the 3D wayyyy Fallout and Skyrim has nothing to do with me but I know there are a lot of people who enjoy those games so good for them.

bujasem_8936d ago

This makes sense. Now I don't know about exclusivity and what not, but based on Bethesda's track record. Their games always preformed horribly on PS, just remembering how jiddery Skyrim was. I think now that'll only stay the same or maybe get even worse>>> more profit?

36d ago
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pwnmaster300037d ago

Yes $7.5 billion.
Also according to some insider. The deal won’t take effect until next year, that’s why PS still have deathloop and ghost wire

-Foxtrot37d ago

I really feel like Microsoft by the end of next gen will start the transition into being more third party like, having their gamepass on everything to be the Netflix of games. As for their core first party games like Halo / idea, who knows. You could see it where the more physical stuff for their games might release on other consoles while the generation after next will be almost digital focused.

ABizzel137d ago

I agree, if this console generation doesn't work out for them, they have all these studios, they can simply put GamePass everywhere as it's on Andorid devices, Andorid streaming devices, PC/laptop, and Xbox.

The only things left are PlayStation, Nintendo, and TV's. Oh and Apple.

-Foxtrot37d ago (Edited 37d ago )


Yeah, I mean the more popular Gamepass gets, the less likely it is Microsoft will want to keep to to just Xbox and the PC. Why invest in studios all of a sudden, doing a massive 180 on the idea only to limited Gamepass on certain platforms. The thing about Netflix is when they got popular they put that shit on EVERYTHING, now we have TV remotes, even gaming media remotes that have a Netflix button on them. That's how widespread Microsoft would want their app and the very last people to have it will be Playstation in the VERY far future.

I could honestly see Microsoft wanting to get things fully digital and saying to Sony / Nintendo "if you want physical stuff, YOU do it, we aren't paying for anything"

LordoftheCritics37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

The bigger idea is Gamepass. Its basically like Netflix.

Its unavoidable value and a new kind of gaming habit creation. When more AAA content is available at subs cost, its a win for gamers. The gaming scene is going to be something else in the future. We have different gaming habits now, less patience and what not. Theres a large number of AAA and AA games. We cant even complete most of the games. Thats why the Netflix concept is going to have a huge glow up in gaming.

What would be the ideal gaming Netflix?? Every single AAA game on it?? Thats where this is going if people can actually notice. The idea would be to make a deal with every publisher out there at some point.

In a sense MS is actually fully committing to PC and Xbox gaming like fully fully, not just 3 big exclusives a year but more like EVERYTHING

This is how you get the remaining billions in the world into gaming.

RazzerRedux37d ago

This isn't necessarily going to be a part of Game Pass though. The fact that Bethesda is making it explicitly clear that they will continue to publish their own titles independently says to me don't count on these games showing up on Game Pass day one like other MS titles. Fact is we don't know yet how this is going to play out. MS has made a major investment and Game Pass isn't going bring a return on that investment as it is.

esherwood37d ago

The values only there now to get people in, pretty sure they plan on making the money on micro transactions but getting people to slowly accept them. Next gen will be my first PlayStation, Microsoft’s going to turn consules into the Mobil market

NeoGamer23237d ago

Not weird at all.

MS starts to put Bethseda games on GamePass day one. Makes PS owners pay the new price of $70 per game.

MS gets heaps of revenue from the people who are PS fans. Plus, it drives a ton more sales of GamePass on PC and XB. Plus, probably means some more XBoxes sold.

All gamers win still.

RaiderNation37d ago

I love how people act like every single Xbox owner is subscribed to Game Pass. The vast, vast majority of Xbox owners aren't. Many of us still like to own our games.

NeoGamer23237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I wouldn't say vast majority anymore. Part of the announcement for Buying Bethesda...

"Games are the primary growth engine in gaming, and games are fueling new cloud-gaming services like Xbox Game Pass, which has reached a new milestone of over 15 million subscribers"

XBO has sold about 45 million. That includes XBO X. So, you have to think about 15 million is XBO owners bought XBO X over the past few years.

That would mean about 30 million consoles sold and 15 million gamepass subscribers. I doubt you can call that a vast majority of gamers that don't have gamepass.

As for GamePass ownership for you. That is the nice thing.... You have a choice whether to be on it or not. Choice is good for gamers.

darthv7237d ago

Raider... game pass doesnt stop you from owning your games. I use it to try before I buy. I've bought several games after having played them on GP so it has its benefits.

Petebloodyonion37d ago

Like I said in another post I truly believe that MS will keep the Bethesda brand intact and continue to release game on playstation5 but the marketing right will be for the Xbox version while getting a the gamepass day1.
MS has shown with Steam and Nintendo that they don't have problems releasing the game on other store and they are selling quite well on theses stores.

Elda37d ago

You would think MS would use those Bethesda games as exclusive ammunition but if one looks at the big picture they would be smart to keep Bethesda a muti-platform business which would be more money more money for MS.

jadnice37d ago

Interesting... so no exclusive gaming advantage?

RightFootGames37d ago

Multiple platforms doesn't mean continuing to publish on PlayStation and Nintendo.

If you think that's what is going to happen I feel like you're naive.

gamer780437d ago

Not really this has since been commented on by Phil, deathlooop and tokyogw will still have their exclusivity but all future games will be published on xbox and pc with only release on other platforms on a "case by case" basis.

ic3fir337d ago

release day one on gamepass xbox and pc.
and ps5 1year later

outsider162437d ago

Holy crap!!! I just came online and just saw the acquisition. And that was after your comment. I was like..wait what..what the hell is he talking about? Bethesda owned by Microsoft?

God damn...does this mean Elder scroll 6 exclusive to MS? I might have to save up for Series S then. Well played MS, well played.

gamer780437d ago

its possible, current games will release on all platforms, but going forward it will be evaluated on a case by case basis

GoodGuy0937d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I expected itd be like this. Mcsft really is just ensuring their getting revenue in multiple areas and especially making gamepass an amazing deal. All of their games are coming to pc too and even on playstation eventually if not right away.

Neonridr37d ago

MS makes all the money ;)

RazzerRedux37d ago

lol....well, that hasn't changed in forever. What they haven't made is many great games. So they bought a company that does. Makes sense. That is how MS got into this whole biz in the first place. QDos says hi.

Chronicle78037d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

The current games under contract? Sure. Future games? I'd be shocked if you see the system sellers on anything else.

gamer780437d ago

yah i agree, unless its the mmo, then maybe.

Artemidorus37d ago

They earn money from Sony users when they buy it for PlayStation

PhiberFrenzy37d ago

Microsoft earn money from all over not just users but developers use windows 10 to build games. I'm sure Microsoft make money in just about every aspect of modern tech.

Zeref37d ago

Who said they'll be multiplats?

ZeroBlue237d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Not unexpected. We know that MS is not taking the traditional "exclusive" route that consoles used to do, and hey, whatever works. They clearly see this approach as more beneficial to their shareholders. I just hope they don't put their thumb on the creative process too much. You are right though, they are tranisitoning into something different.

ps360owner0937d ago


The games that are currently in the works will still be multiplat and published by Bethesda. However no plans have been announced about the future. They will likely follow the path of Obsidian and Ninja Theory where future games are exclusive to Xbox and PC. The key comments from the article are below.

Hines states in part, “but the key point is we’re still Bethesda. We’re still working on the same games we were yesterday, made by the same studios we’ve worked with for years, and those games will be published by us.”

mark3214uk37d ago

what's weird, sony has the biggest user base, they will make more money off selling to sonys userbase than people switching from ps to xbox to play a couple of games

ZeroX987637d ago

MLB is also coming to switch and Xbox, coming from Sony.

Seeing that minecraft dungeon also came out on ps4, cuphead too and horizon zero dawn now being playable on Microsoft Windows, I expect more games to be multiplat as time goes by when considering for how long they were out before landing on another platform (after 2-3 years).

Having bethesda games on GamePass is a huge win for MS imo.

Loktai37d ago

@RazzerRedux MS is basically pulling a slow-SEGA. Eventually you will probably even see Gears of War
or Halo or something else on other systems - And in turn you can expect them to also say their system is the "best place to play" or SIMPLY they plan to make the games very popular across platforms, then advertise gamepass.

jeromeface37d ago

They'll still use units sold as a metric against them and it will hurt being on game pass because thats people getting access to your product with 0 units sold. I give bethesda a decade before they are gone.

MADGameR37d ago

Because it goes in line with MS's games everywhere moto.

porkChop37d ago

In regards to multiplats they've said it will be done on a case-by-case basis. I'm thinking online games like ESO will be multiplat to increase playerbase and ongoing revenue. But I think singleplayer will be exclusive. Smaller projects like Fallout Shelter will also likely be multiplat.

Knightofelemia37d ago


Minecraft is multiplatform

McToasty207737d ago

This statement doesn’t refer to multiplats, rather it means games will say Bethesda rather than Xbox Game Studios.

They might be multiplats but that’s an assumption, I suspect it’ll have more to do with platform size, if PS5 sizeable outsells Xbox (which is what I’d guess right now) then expect Starfeild and Elder Scrolls 5 on PlayStation, but if say Covid results in few people investing in next gen then the loss on a single platform might be diminished.

As of right now my guess is multiplat with Xbox exclusive features, say early DLC or Mods on console (something Sony really fucked up this gen).

SpadeX36d ago

It isn't confirmed yet.

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ABizzel137d ago (Edited 37d ago )

So basically Bethesda will still release games on PS5, Switch and other platforms for the foreseeable future, however, their games will be on GamePass Day 1 compared to $70 everywhere else.

This is going to get ugly if all these studio acquisitions keep happening.

ABizzel137d ago

After thinking this over this is about 2 things.

1. Getting Bethesda games on GamePass Day 1.

2. Getting access to id Tech Engine so they don't have to rely on Unreal Engine anymore, the majority of their games are stuck behind a release wall into 2022 because they're using Unreal Engine 5 and it doesn't release until Fall 2021. So this is MS way of saying crew it, we'll buy an engine that we know works extremely well, can produce good graphics, open-worlds, and aims for high resolution and 60fps.

The Halo Engine isn't where it needs to be, and all their other games except Forza run on Unreal. Now they have access to iDTech to build their future games.

That's what this deal was about because otherwise, it makes no sense for Bethesda to actively put out the message that we're still releasing our games wherever we want. This message is almost a slap in the face to Microsoft's announcement.

crazyCoconuts37d ago

Didn't think about ID engine, that's interesting.
I don't get the game pass thing though... Presumably if you pay a company enough to offset the sales they would have made with outright sales, there's no reason for them to not make a game pass deal. Buying the entire company seems overkill if that's the primary reason. MS will still be paying in opportunity cost what they would have simply paid outright

oof4637d ago

When Zenimax bought id, people were speculating about merging Bethesda's storytelling/gameplay with id's engine. We haven't gotten that yet, but we'll see in this generation.

37d ago
Gaming4Life198137d ago

After deathloop and ghostwire i dont think bethesda games will come to ps5. Phil spencer just talked about honoring those 2 exclusive deals and after they will be exclusives. At some point ms has to stop playing nice with sony if they ever want their gaming division as high value as sony's.